Sunday, June 19, 2005

Am I Heather's "Perfect 'Dream' Man"?

Had a telling dream last night:

It's late evening, and Heather Locklear and I are on some kind of boat somewhere, I think maybe in Venice, Italy. After a moment, she jumps off the boat and starts swimming, swiftly, underwater in a white bikini.

Suddenly, the boat disappears, and, mysteriously (this is a dream, you know), another boat - with some kind of evil thugs on it - appears, and starts chasing her. I, meanwhile, am observing all of this from the sidelines, apparently floating in the air close by (do we ever really see OURSELVES in dreams? - just from our perspective, right?).

Anyway, Heather makes it to dry land, wet, out of breath and exhausted, kneeling on a pathway near by that looks like the Venice boardwalk (in CA, not Italy). I go over to her, to try and comfort her, and end up taking her in my arms to safety.

That safe area automatically becomes a spiral stairwell, on one landing of which we meet a shirtless Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight (a part of the dream that worries me a little bit). I attempt to hand Heather over to Chris, but she stops me and asks, "Why are you always trying to give me away? Why can't I just stay in your arms?"

The dream then ends, and I wake up.

What does it mean?

Well, Heather is starring in a new feature film (her first, I think, since The Return of the Swamp Thing in 1989), and it's called "The Perfect Man," in which her daughter (played by Hillary Duff) tries to hook her up with the right guy (Duff's dad is somehow out of the picture, no pun intended).

So does Heather represent all the beautiful women I've passed up in my life, because I've felt undeserving of their love? Am I really anyone's perfect man?

Don't know about an answer to the second question, but as to the first, "Oh, definately."

Maybe it's time for me to change and become that "perfect" man, the next time the "Perfect Woman" shows up?

Thank you, Heather Locklear - my "dream girl" - for the reality check.

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