Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Healing

A very dear friend of mine contacted me about the failing health of his sister who has been challenged with lung cancer. Because my father suffered from the disease, my friend asked me for advice in dealing with the situation. An edited and expanded version of what I told him follows:

Dear Friend:

Surround your sister with the color "Green." For one reason or another, and through my spiritual studies, the color "Green" is the healing hue for the challenges of lung cancer in particular.

Also - check with her doctor first, but commence her on a Vitamin C program immediately. Study the research of Linus Spaulding and Luther Burbank. And give her as high a dosage as you want. I myself take sometimes 6000 milagrams a day of Vitamin C. It is incorrect to believe that too much Vitamin C is bad for you. THAT is impossible. You can never have too much Vitamin C - as well as LOTS of GREEN TEA (decaf)

Meanwhile, too, according to Edgar Cayce's Encyclopedia of Healing (which I highly recommend that you purchase), have your sister inhale the fumes from apple brandy, with instructions to fill a charred oak keg half full of apple brand and keep the keg near heat os that the fumes will collect in the empty portion of the container. As Cayce reveals, inhaling the fumes two or three times a day would assist the respiration and help the body eliminate toxins.

Also - employ the use of a Violet and Ultraviolet ray over her chest/lung area.

Dietary advice includes: leafy green vegetables, fish and fowl, jello, and dark breads. Pork is FORBIDDEN, as is red meat (though to a lesser extent).

Most importantly, of course, is that your sister has to be clear on what she really wants in life. Does she want to live? What is her mind set? What does she or what do you really feel is God's plan? For her to live fully and recover? Or to pass?

Pray for guidance and God will give it you. But decide. A decision must be made. God will not answer your prayer unless your prayer is clear and in agreement with His - and your sister's ultimate plan.

If you all so decide that she indeed wants to live, then she will. Pray over her chest, with her knowing it or not. Pray the Our Father ONCE and MEAN it.

Also, say, continuously: "Lung Cancer...I LOVE you. And I love you so much, that you are gone. And I have replaced that space with Love."

These spiritual strategies will work if they are MEANT to work. That is God's promise. But you must ask in the right way - and that right way includes a TRUE desire to be healed - on ALL levels.

With particular regard to my father, I applied most of what I have relayed here. And I was very particular with God on the situation. I asked, "Lord - if you heal my father, heal him completely, mind, body and soul."

Meaning, my father was a very unhappy person (which, in many ways, contributed to a weak immune system, which paved the way for disease). And if the Lord God was to heal my father, then my Dad's attitude needed to be healed as well.

I also prayed, "Lord God - if you so desire not to heal my father, then please give him the strength and spiritual guidance needed to bring him to Heaven with you. And to also give strength to the ones he leaves behind to deal with the loss."

In the end, the Lord God gave my father and his family more than an extra year on this earth.

And I later had spiritual validation that God indeed brought my father to Heaven - due mostly to the prayers of all those concerned.

The point is, there is a destiny for each of our souls - a destiny that can be altered or changed according to our faith - and according to God's plan.

But God is powerless to give us what we want (through His/Her great gift to us of Free Will), unless we KNOW EXACTLY what we want, pray for it, earnestly, and then trust and act accordingly that this prayer will be granted.


Herbie J

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