Monday, June 06, 2005

I Wash My Soul

It's hot here in Rochester. HOT!

It's really only about 85 degrees...but oh the humidity...

So, I'm like, "You know, something...Lemme wash my car. Like I used to. In the old days, in the early 80s.... Pre-witched. When I was just a person, which of course, I still am. But I was a calmer person. Not so obsessed and the selling my wares, and sometimes my soul.

So I go out there. Get a bucket, the rags, the soap, the hose. The whole nine yards of it.


Oh my gosh! I'm a regular person again. Hallelujah!

"Hi, Mrs. Palermo...beautiful day, isn't it?''

"Now - don't get any soap on my side of the lawn!"

"I won't, Mrs. Palermo."

And I keep scrubbing and spraying and scrubbing.

Then I rinse it.

Dry it all up.

Get some windex on those windows.

Look at it! Damn! Beautiful!

So what if it's probably gonna rain later.

It usually does, right? After we wash our cars.

But all I know is, I haven't washed my car like this in ages.

And it was awesome.

I'm a person again.

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Martin & Suzette said...

If you want to be an even better person, come wash my car!