Monday, June 20, 2005

My Father's Day Dream

Might just have to set up a "Dream Blog," as I had a second great dream in a row last night (following my vision of Heather Locklear).

This one involved my Dad.

I fell asleep in the living room, and in a moment - to the left, my Dad appeared. Half-asleep or half-awake, I tried to scream out the word, "Daaadddd," and my mouth moved in slow motion (which it rarely does in the full waking state).

My Dad, who looks great - probably around 48ish (he died when he was 83), starts walking towards the hallway and into my office. He sits down to the left of the computer, and he starts talking. But I can't hear him. I ask him to speak up, but I still have trouble hearing what he has to say. Only a few things are clear.

One of them was a compliment on my new computer, "Nice computer," he said. He clearly knew (knows) how much the computer means to my work - and really to me, in general). So he was definately tugging at my heart.

Because I've been worried about my Mom, I plain out asked him, "Dad? Can I ask about - and what's going to happen to her?"

"Not yet," he said. "Not yet."

He then gets up from the chair, and walks over to me and hugs me...and I felt this incredible was REAL. I felt his embrace and physical "heat" coming from his body - which was solid, and not transparent or anything (like in the movies).

Just before he hugged me, however, he said something like, "Oh, you have such a glow about you." And he meant that literally. Somehow he say a "light" around my physical form, my aura, apparently, is quite bright.

But I was a little shocked to hear that. Me? I have a "glow"? It was an awesome feeling of comfort, as I - like the rest of us - am so hard on myself.

Anyway, he then pulled away and started walking back into the living room and out the door. But once he left my apartment, my buidling became some other building - with a courtyard - and other residents that I did not recognize were walking in and out of the courtyard.

There were two women specifically, that I remember. Pretty ladies. One was visiting another upstairs, to the second floor, in the apartment above me.

Then I noticed a security guard. He was watching me as I was watching my father walk away. Then I couldn't see my father anymore. It's not like he vanished into thin air or anything. I just couldn't see him anymore. And the security guard said, "What's wrong? Who you looking for? The old man?"

And I thought, "My father doesn't look old."

And then I woke up - and realized it was the day after Father's Day.

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