Saturday, June 18, 2005

An NDE (via and the Mother of Beckie H. 6.17.05)

There are SO MANY wonderful life lessons to learn from those who've had NDEs (Near-Death-Experiences). And I highly recommend (I never LOWLY recommend anything) that everyone (and not just anyone) visit wonderful sites of light, such as:,, and, the latter from which the following NDE has been transferred.

I chose to post it here because it is both brief and profound. Others are longer - and also should be read. But for now, read on, as Beckie H. relays her elderly Mom's awesome experience.

Peace, Light & God's good magic,

Herbie J


"I was sitting with my 8 year old daughter by my mom's bed when she had a second stroke. This is a remarkable story and I hope you can use it. Mother was raised to believe if you were not perfect, you didn't go to heaven. She was born 11/11/11 and her mom died when she was 7. She and her siblings were raised by an abusive father. He beat them and gave some of them to other people. She married my dad at age 14 to get away and they were married 54 years when he died. We are all very close.Mother had an obvious problem and they came in and worked on her and after an hour or so we were allowed back in her room. She had been very sick. She was now GLOWING. The first thing she said was I have been to heaven and I saw my mother and now I know what she looked like. She was amazed because her dad and a brother who had been in jail were there too. They were all healthy and happy and loved her. Jesus told her she had to come back as she had things to do...this is the remarkable part. She had always been very depressed. The next 4 months were the most difficult of her life physically and yet everyone she met was told of the Lord's love for them. She sang hymns all the time and witnesses constantly. If she peed she thanked God for it. It was an unbelievable change. She told my daughter that she saw her smoking and doing something she shouldn't and that she was to be very careful with her activities in the future. My daughter listened and thought it was sweet but didn't believe her. (Later she became a heroin addict but has now been clean for 6 years.) The emphasis was on her family of origin but the last thing she saw was my 81 year old dad walking down the street in a young, healthy body, about 30 years old. What a blessing for us to have this experience. She literally could hardly contain herself until she could get back to heaven."

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