Thursday, June 16, 2005

Probably the Nicest Letter I've Ever Received from A Bewitched Fan

"The new (revived) interest in Bewitched, Bewitched the movie, Bewitched on DVD, Samantha statue in Salem, books about Agnes Moorehead and Paul Lynde...this journey all started with a single step and that step was "The Bewitched Book." You will never know how it felt for me to find that book. My mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's 2 years prior and I would stay with her on the weekends while my dad worked to make extra money (overtime) to pay for her care. There wasn't much we could do together but I could take her to the mall for a bit. One day we were in Waldenbooks and there I saw it on the shelf "The Bewitched Book." Bewitched! I was so excited. Always my favorite show, it had been nearly impossible to find anything about it, other than an occasional mention in a history of TV book. So I bought the book and what a revelation - it was GREAT! The guy who wrote this was really a fan! He had actually talked to Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York and Dick Sargent and David White! And he loved the show as much, or more, than I did! Best of all, when I got to meet that guy some years later he was the nicest, sweetest person who was just as much in awe of what he'd been able to do as everyone who read the book was.
So now, it's been a decade since that book appeared, and Bewitched is being made into a movie. There's revived interest in the show and the actors, and lots of marketing and hype around both it and the film. But I really believe that none of this would have come to pass if someone, somewhere, hadn't decided to write a book about Bewitched. You brought all of us Bewitched fans to each other, and now look what's thank you, Herbie J...thank you for articulately and wonderfully cracking open the door and sharing "our" show with the world at large!"

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Kelly J. Compeau said...

I have two copies of Bewitched Forever, both signed by Herbie J and many original cast members, and I will cherish them 'forever'.