Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Right Stuff

We all always want to do the "right thing," don't we?

It's just not always that easy.

Sometimes doing the right thing means telling the whole truth. Sometimes it means telling only part of the truth. Sometimes it means not saying anything at all. And sometimes it means, as dear Master Po once told a Young Caine on Kung Fu, "That you have to cut off a finger, to save a hand."

Well, I'm still trying to finger out all these years later just exactly what Master Po meant, all I know for sure is that I usually say what's on my mind.

I cannot NOT say anything. I usually have something to say about everything. It may or may not work out for me in THIS existence. But ultimately, what I say, on any given topic, I am compelled to say - as if driven by some other force. Maybe some other-worldly force.

Either way, my intentions are ALWAYS good. Because I'm a good guy. I think. Like most of us (I would hope), I never intend to hurt anyone. In fact, I go out of my way on many occasions to help others whenever I can.

Though, if I fear anything in life, I fear what will really not be a part of this life at all. And that is my LIFE REVIEW at the END of my life - on what we have been conditioned to call JUDGEMENT DAY.

Yet from what I can gather in my research of Near-Death Experiences (aka NDEs), God, or however we choose to name the Creator of the Universe, does not judge us at all. We JUDGE OURSELVES. The good, the bad and the ugly moods. And many times what we think of as great things that we have accomplished are not that great at all in the eyes of God.

We rank our big homes, big bank accounts and big hair as major accomplishments when, in fact, the questions Our Creator asks, according to thousands of NDEs, is: "What good have you done with your life for others?" and "How much have you loved others?"

John Lennon, God bless him, was trying to tell us that all along.

"All you need is love."

That's truly the right stuff.

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