Monday, July 11, 2005

Am I Julie's Younger Brother?

Clearly, the things that bring me the most joy in life are not only free, but simple. Simple treasures, really.

Believe me, no one loves money or material beauty and nice things more than I. But I also happen to think and KNOW that those things don't make you a better person. (Unfortunately, of course, there are those who do.) Rather, I believe that God, the Universe, or however you wish to name the Creator of All Things, wants His/Her children to be as happy and fulfilled as possibile in this visible world - as long as we keep our priorities straight, keep God first in our lives, and then share our good fortune with others.

That, to me, is really the whole point and LESSON of existence.

ANYWAY, suffice it to say, I embrace the "simple treasures" of life, many of which have become lost in the hustle of today's frantic pace and interactions.

Wherever I have lived (on Erie Street, in Greenleaf Meadows, Santa Monica, etc.), I have always designated myself as the one who organizes the parties, barbeques, etc., whether I've lived in a neighborhood home or a particular building's apartment.

So much so, that I am sometimes referred to as Julie's younger brother.

Who's Julie, you say?

Julie McCoy, of course, the Cruise Director from TV's The Love Boat.

With clip board in hand, she organized the weekly and daily events for those on staff and vacation on The Love Boat. Mostly, too, of course, she served as Cupid between wayward, orld or new lovebirds.

Minus that latter aspect of her personality, I'm the one who definately embraces the opportunity to hold a community together. Whether it's nightly coffee hour, or Sunday barbeques, I make sure to inspire others in my living vicinity to revel in one another's happy converation and friendship.

I attempt to stress the importance of community - how it's become so lost in today's world - how even the subtle joy of going for an ice cream up the corner or at the lake - has somehow dissolved today.

I seek to REsolve that - to restore the harmonic essence of who and what we really are. We may be divided, literally, physically. And our opinions on politics and religion may be opposingly diverse. But we cannot deny that we are UNITED by SPIRIT. The HUMAN spirit.


Put it all together, and whattaya got?

That's right: "COMMUNITY".

"Now, you're cooking with gas," as my father used to say.

So go take that "gas" and light up a barbeque for your neighbors.

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