Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Doing "Time" on "Walton's Mountain" - and LOVING it!

Journeyed to visit relatives at their summer home in Waterport, New York for the Holiday Weekend.

It was awesome. Used to alternate my summer days as a kid between Waterport and Honeoye Lake (where one of my other relatives also had a summer home).

It's amazing about these places, Waterport, in particular. However life changes elsewhere, time seems to stand still in Waterport. The same beautiful scenery was there, just as I remembered it as a kid.

Yet, what used to be just one home belonging to my father's sister on acres of land, has now transformed into several different homes sprawled across the same acrerage. You visit there now and it's like Walton's Mountain.

Everyone knows your name. Judy-Eddie was there. And the Malopsies still live up the road. But Terri has since moved a way. Had a thing for her.

Those of us who did arrive - we all went swimming in an old quarry a few miles away - and then jumped off what was about a 50-foot or more-so bridge closer to home. Last year I dove off that bridge. This year I just jumped. My arm was hurting a little bit from, now don't laugh, talking too much on a new heavy, 1940's style retro-phone that I purchased a few weeks ago. The freakin' receiver weighs a ton!

I was also a little bit concerned about being in the sun too long. I used to worship the sun - and used to tan to black. But one day, a few years ago, I looked in the mirror, and the sun-tan didn't look so good anymore. At some point, you just start to look old - and a tan MAKES you old, by aging your skin. So I keep outta the sun as much as I can now.

Also, too, I had naired the hairs on my back, the stuff stayed on too long, and a rash formed. So soaking my back in the sun did not seem like a good idea at all.

But other than those two issues, I had a great time.

We all played games (cherades, etc), not for money, just for fun. No one cared about how anyone looked, or what labeled clothes we were wearing (or not wearing).

Just exactly how stupid are we that we worry about that shit all the time (re-read earlier post: The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off)? VERY stupid, that's how stupid.

Anway, I wanted to stay longer but I had to get back to Rochester for a little more Bewitched press (radio interviews, etc).

Maybe I'll journey back later in the week (possibly tomorrow).

We'll see.

Meanwhile, of course, I've made some keen life observations, the main one of which is:

Time doesn't stand still.

We do.

If we're not careful.

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