Friday, July 08, 2005

Return to Walton's Mountain

Well, I really don't believe it.

I went back to my family reunion in Waterport, NY - only two days after I left it.

In the old days, we would visit Waterport maybe once at the onset of summer and then, again, at summers' end.

But twice in the same week?

Unheard of.

I actually drove 50 miles back down Ridge Road West (towards Niagra Falls, by the way), through Clarkson, Holley, Albion, and I think some place called Gaines. I then looked for the Eagle Harbor/Waterport Road sign, and turned left.

Drove four miles down that road, turned left again at Hanlon Road - and there it beautiful family's acerage of homes, woods, water and brush.

From every angle, once again, you saw sprawling farmland - and animals.

John-Boy would be proud.

Shoot - forget John-Boy.

Herbie J is proud.

Next time, I'm taking some of you with me.

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