Saturday, August 27, 2005


It's been a while since I've posted here, as I've been busy creating alternate blogs (such as The Healthy Reporter, The Economy Dechonomy, The Legal Brief, and others). I've also decided to recommence my Acting classes, and will soon re-start my Writing classes, as well. Ultimately, I seek to establish The Herbie J Pilato Performing Arts and Literary Center, at which I will offer various courses in acting, writing, dance, music, and directing. I am very excited about this venture, and I have finally decided upon a base business that will keep me rooted (and routed) in Rochester, while still allowing me to work on various scripts, TV shows, films, acting gigs, etc., around the world.

It has taken me quite some time be at peace with living in Rochester. After several years - and various moves back and forth to LA, I have realized that Rochester is and always will be my home; that I have acres of wonderful family members and friends here - and that I am SUPPOSED to be here. It's where my artistic talents are best utilized, while - via the Internet and telephone - and periodic flights to LA and NYC, I am still able to be "connected to Hollywood." Clearly, I have the best of all worlds, and I extremely grateful to the Universe for its many gifts to me.

I have for far too long, however, ignored or not even acknowledged one of the greatest gifts that I have been granted. And it's not my acting techniques, not my singing or dancing talents, not even my writing ability. But rather it is my gift to GAB...and communicate in general with others, along with my sense of humor. They represent my passion and compassion as a human open generosity, and so many other great aspects of my personhood that I am NOW only beginning to appreciate as the MOST important parts of Herbie J (and please forgive the third-person speak). We EACH have aspectal gifts that we have been granted, and The Universe is merely waiting for US (which is short for the Universe) to acknowledge them as well.

All I can say is please DO acknowledge them, and yet don't so much love THEM, as much as you should love the Gift-GIVER behind them. And that would be God, however you so choose to name Him or Her.

Be well and be blessed....

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