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The Origins of AMEN, what Jesus really meant when he said BORN-AGAIN, and the truth behind His Name.


Years ago, Shirley MacLaine caused all kind of controversies when she told the story of how she stood upon the rocky seashore in Malibu, and exclaimed, "I Am God!"

Everyone SO took it the wrong way, and thought that Ms. MacLaine was proclaiming her superior awesomeness.

That's not what she was proclaiming at all. What she was indeed proclaiming was OUR EQUAL superior awesomeness WITH God.

Truth be told, "I Am God" is a translation of AMEM, which is a translation of the Himalayan chant, "AUM," which is a translation of the Indian chant, "OM."

That's right, everytime you say, "AMEN," your saying, "I AM GOD."

And that was and is exactly God's intention.

We are ONE WITH God, and each time we say "AMEN," we are confirming that. And Ms. MacLaine was merely introducing mainstream America to the fact that "I AM GOD" is simply another way to say AMEN.


Being "Born-Again" means something totally different in the Christian Fundamentalist arena than to what Jesus really meant in the New Testament (John 3:1-7). Jesus was actually referring to the state of REINCARNATION. That's right. Being "born-again" - which, along with the philosophy behind "karma" - is really the only logical explanation for the dreadful things that happen to us, individually, and as a collective consciousness.

Why do "bad" things happen to us?

Because, in a previous life, we were once "bad" to others. It's really that simple - and it's not very complicated at all. We are reaping the karmic "punishments" or "rewards" of our previous lives. All we have to understand is that the ANSWER to EVERYTHING is LOVE, with a whole lot of FORGIVENESS.

I once had a medium give me a past-life reading. And this medium (who was a strict Catholic, by the way, who had visions of the beloved Blessed Mother) told me that, in one previous life, I was a very tall Jewish rabbi, with very curly black locks. And I had a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters. But I wasn't very respectful of them. All I cared about was the "Tora" - and ignored them.

And in THIS life now as "Herbie J," I was told, I am making up for the previous one. (Apparently, too, when I was that tall rabbi, I made fun of those shorter than myself - and I am reaping the result of that insensitivity, as "Herbie J" is ow only 5', 7").

So, yes - REINCARNATION was indeed part of the ORIGINAL Biblical writings and teachings - but these references were DELETED from the Bible (along with SO many other truths) by those who were more concerned with placing the CHURCH at the centre of the universe - instead of GOD.


One of the other major deletions from the original Bible was the direct and correct name of Jesus. We know him as "Jesus Christ," as if "Christ" was his last name or something.

This is not the case.

The original and legitimate way to refer to Jesus is to say, "Jesus THE Christ," which, when translated, means, "Jesus the Enlightened One." As we are ALL enlightened - which is what Jesus' true message is to each of us - which is why our dear GOD sent Him to us - to show us that we can do the things that he does (and MORE) - to show us the way we all can be and must aspire to be.

What many Christians and/or Catholics do not know is that St. Augustine attempted to restore the Bible to it's original state, inserting all the references to "Reincarnation," and to correctly insert the "the" in between every reference to "Jesus Christ."

Jesus, Himself, was so pleased with St. Augustine's efforts, that He appeared to him and thanked him for attempting to properly restore HIS NAME.

But you don't hear this information in Catholic schools. But it happened.

Essentially, all religion began in INDIA...ALL religion.

And those thirty years that Jesus supposedly spent "wandering the desert"? Well, he was acutely studying with the monks of the Himalayas for those three decades.


There are thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of books that deliver these truths to the world. My suggestion is that you start reading them. Begin with anything written by or about EDGAR CAYCE, and yes - Shirley MacLaine's original OUT ON A LIMB publication.

But if you really want an awesome introduction to this new "old" thought (and by the way, guess to what Jesus was REALLY referring when he said that a "NEW AGE" was coming?), pick up the beautiful five-volume set of LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST, by Baird T. Spaulding.

This incredible collections tells of an American team of interested individuals who journeyed to the Himalayas in the 1930s - and MET JESUS themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, too, grab and read anything you can by PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA - the great India yogi (and believer in Jesus) who helped to bring Asian thought to America in the 1930s...


Herbie J

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rudi said...

I hope I am not born again into a raggedy body that breaks down and dies... There is an age coming where bodies are not so frail...this is an age I wouldn't mind being born again...

Yah bless you Herbie J