Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ron's Near-Death Experience Summary (via nderf.com)

"Yes, I did recall some knowledge, here are some for you to think about.

"God himself acknowledges that yes, UFOs do co-exist with us and are not to be feared - HIS words.

"Man has space traveled before the 1960´ies, approximately 10.000 years ago. We did not build spaceships like we do today, we were picked up by UFO´s willingly - we would go to a pick up point, a large hill overlooking a vast plain, there were images marked on the ground to be read from the sky.

"There IS other life, beings, not microbes. They reside outside our solar system and into the next. Being in their spacecraft you are not subject to G forces, gravity or other limitations that ours are subject to. They can travel great distances in seconds, they can make their spaceships invisible at will.

"Time travel is possible. I was shown a blueprint and I asked what it is and he (God) said: It is for time travel.

"In the past man has been wiped out from the earth and forced to learn everything again and repopulate the earth. Man has achieved very high knowledge about space travel, science and mathematics, much more than we know today."

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