Thursday, September 01, 2005


Many times, awesome miracles rise from the ashes and tragedies such as now transpiring in New Orleans.

Donations of every kind are transferred, telethons are organized, etc.

All beautiful things.

But wanna know the BEST thing we can do? Really?

Start reaching out to one another - NOW, WHERE YOU ARE - BEFORE tragedy strikes us again and again. Before another tsunami, a job loss, or a death in the family of relatives or friends.


Make dinner for your neighbor tonite, donate your money and time to your local worship center, open your heart just a crack more, halt your pace in traffic, stop swearing, stop sleeping around, find your friend a job, offer encouragement to a child or co-worker ("give courage"), do something for someone when there's absolutely nothing in it for you, and give thanks to God, or however you so choose to name the Good Creator of All Things.

Such behavior actually PREVENTS tragedy in your life.

You don't think so, but it does. It really does. We have no idea how strongly each one of us are connected to one another - and how strongly we are connected to our physical Mother Earth.

Our dear Mother Earth is crying because her children are mishaving. Our dear Father/Mother is not punishing us for our eratic behavior or disrespect for our environment. We are PUNISHING OURSELVES by our seperation from God.

Now then, that doesn't mean we are to stop reaching out to those who are experiencing the very real trauma of the New Orleans catastrophe. No. We SHOULD indeed send money to New Orleans. We SHOULD do WHATEVER we can to help.

But we should ALSO work on a little preventative medicine RIGHT WE ARE.

And again, that means BEING GREAT WHERE YOU ARE....opening that door for that gentle woman in your office building, even though she may not be a "hottie" means forgiving everyone who ever hurt you, blessing those who curse you, and praying for and loving those who hate you.

No tragedy shall come upon you if you do.

If a tragedy does strike you personally, you will be granted the strength to deal with it - and rise above it.

This is God's promise.

So send that money and donate in any way you so choose to New Orleans, and those in surrounding states that are suffering.

Yet, also - pick up that phone, and call that person who took your candy back in 1968.

It's time to get over it.

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