Thursday, September 29, 2005

I AM the Songs

Man - it's been a long haul. I've been playing this moving game since Easter, 1977, when I first visited LA with my Aunt Elva. At the end of that first trip, I remember walking through Pacific Park at dusk, and looking out over the ocean and saying something dramatic like, "I'll be back, Los Angeles."

And I was. At least 11 more times over the next twenty-five years. Actually, probably more.

And now - I finally FINALLY get it. I love LA (thank you, Elvis Costello) - and I always will. I will also always return to it and NYC - for work and gigs whenever necessary.

But Rochester? Dudes - dudettes...Rocheter will always be my home. My decision is made.

This I know for sure, Hollywood attempts to create what I am LIVING. I am in constant contact with the family and friends that I have known and loved my entire life. I frequently lunch with my buds at Rocky's, Roncone's and Antoinetta's...each with their own perfect Italian flavor - nestled in the heart of many a nostalgic Italian neighborhoods.

I attend football games at my old high-school, which I didn't even do when I went to high-school. I've mended broken friendships, and discovered great truths. I've been as open and honest as I could be with the people I love and admire.

I walk into Barnes & Noble, and I see my books on the shelves.

I turn on the TV, and there I be - Chasing Farrah (who I always promised that I'd catch), or talking the walk I know on the E! True Hollywood Story. I'm writing scripts, and creating future books. I'm teaching again, and I love it. I've been honored to perform guest vocals with The Royals - one of Rochester's premiere bands. I've recorded a few of my many songs, and I blog my life and professional thoughts to the fullest wherever and whenver I am requested to do so.

There is no question - I am blessed, I embrace the blessings - and I am grateful for them.

More than anything, I've realized that I not so much want to write the scripts of life, as much I want to live them. I not so much want to sing the songs, as much I want to dance to them. Indeed, I am experiencing the dance of life...the songs of life.

Yet, unlike Barry Manilow, I don't "write the songs the whole world sings".

It's better than that.

I AM the songs.....


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