Monday, September 19, 2005

St. Michael's message to locutionist (visionary) Ned Doughtery

September 1, 2005 - 7:08am

East Elm Street

Hazleton, PA

Please note: St. Michael, the Archangel always addresses his messages to the People of the United States of America.

"I am Michael, The Archangel.

Your nation, the newly chosen nation of God, is facing a period of doom – a period of doom that has been brought upon you by your leaders acting in conflict with God’s plan for you as well as by your own failings in prayer in reversing the course of events. You are entering a period of great chastisements that can no longer be reversed.

How many times has your nation been warned of its activities while it has paid little or no heed to the warnings? How many times has the Lord interceded on your behalf to bring you back to the principles that at one time made you a great nation? How many times have you turned away from the Lord and pursued you materialism and greed in defiance of His Will for you? How many times have you turned away from His Commandments and His commandment to you to be a nation of high morals and ideals?

How many times have you risked the lives of your children by creating laws and policies that go against the very creation of life? How many times have you been witness to the violence and breakdown of morals and society as a result of your increasingly more liberal policies that have reduced the core beliefs of this once great nation to a shadow of its former self? How many times did you anticipate that you could continue to spit in the face of God before the chastisements would befall you?

Now the time has come when great chastisements will fall upon the Earth. God is not directing these chastisements from the heavenly realm as a direct punishment of His children. The chastisements that have come and are soon to come are a result of your own behaviors and activities. For the way in which you have been conducting yourselves as a nation is the cause of the great turmoil that you are witnessing. How many times have you been warned to return to God’s plan for mankind as well as for your nation?

You had once been a chosen nation in the eyes of God but just as your ancestors in Israel you have squandered your opportunities and your gifts from the Lord. You took advantage of these opportunities to enrich yourselves at the expense of others. You took advantage of your freedoms to become licentious and without moral considerations endangering the innocent lives of your children in ever more increasing numbers in greater intensity through successive generations. Now your children to a greater extent have become morally bankrupt because they have been exposed more to the work of Satan and less to the Light of the Heavenly Father.

How long did you think that you could continue to exist flaunting your newfound wealth in the face of the Redeemer and Savior? He came to you upon this Earth to renew God’s covenant with mankind and you have squandered that covenant in pursuit of earthly pleasures. Now those pleasures are disappearing before your eyes. The world of pleasure in which you ultimately found no happiness is turning against you now. Now you will be forced to focus your attention on the Redeemer and his plan for mankind for you are entering a period of darkness in which only the Light of the Redeemer will save mankind from its own destruction.

The period of chastisements that is about to follow can no longer be ameliorated, postponed, or amended. The overflowing dams of sin and negative energy generated by man are now flooding your planet and each individual consciousness. Only through a coming closer to the Creator can you save yourselves from the trials before the purification of the planet. Only through the Redeemer can you face the future with courage and without fear. Only through the Redeemer will you find serenity and peace upon the earth in the face of increasingly more chaos and confusion as the very fiber of your civilization begins to unwind and fray.

Fear not if you are living in the Light of the Redeemer for He is with you in these troubled times in more ways than you are personally experiencing and in ways that will become more apparent to you as the veil is lifted. Those of you who are living in the Light will become even closer to the Redeemer and share in an intimacy with Him that is beyond your beliefs. Fear not for He is with you in these troubled times.

Woe to those of you who stay in the darkness or choose to use these times to profit from the misfortunes of others for your souls are doomed to eternal darkness. The Light of God will shine for those of you who reach out to your brothers and sisters of all faiths and beliefs and evangelize and witness on behalf of the true Savior of Life and Light for yours shall be the kingdom of Heaven.

Arise to the times in which you find yourselves. There is great and important work to do in these days of the Lord and He will look kindly upon you for your works of good will in reaching out to your brothers and sisters.

The times are exciting for you if you respond to the challenge. The times will be dark and foreboding for you if you do not. You are living at the most important time in the history of humanity. You are living in a time that has been foretold in prophecy and the prophetic visions of the ancient and latter day saints are unfolding before you. You, as soldiers of God, have a role to fill for the Redeemer in anticipation of His coming to you more fully, more visibly, and in a presence that will overwhelm all of mankind.

Arise to the challenge by responding in prayer, prayer, and prayer to the call of the Redeemer.

Do not believe that you are a little person who cannot make a difference. The power of your prayer is seen by the Lord and the power of your prayer can and will make a difference in the world.

Do you want to stand before Him one day and say to Him that you didn’t think your prayer would make a difference? Do not make that mistake! Your prayers and the prayers of all your brothers and sisters are needed more in these times than at any previous time in the history of mankind.

Your nation is now being covered over by the waters as had been foretold and more perilous chastisements will follow. You must bear this burden in the eyes of the Lord. You must stand tall as a brave and courageous prayerful warrior in the eyes of the Lord for only through your prayer can you ultimately make a difference in the world. And when your time upon this earth is over for each and everyone of you, you will want to stand before the Lord as He graces you with His blessing: Well done, oh good and faithful servant!”

End: 7:43 am

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