Saturday, January 21, 2006

Angel Awareness

A friend of mine asked me to spend some time with her on Thursday night before she ran an errand at 7:00 PM.

So we decided to have a bite to eat.

We met at around 5:30 PM at a local eatery, and enjoyed a wonderful meal and happy conversation for the next hour or so.

I then realized that my meditation group meets on Thursday nights at 7 PM - which is the same time my friend was scheduled to make her errand.

I had not attended the meditation group for quite some time, and my friend suggested I do so.

But I hesitated.

Then my friend reminded me that usually, when we are planning on doing something that may bring us great joy we look for reasons not to follow through on the plans.

I agreed with that.

Consequently, 6:45 PM arrived, and if both me and my friend were to meet our 7 PM appointments, we would have to leave now.

So, we did. My friend went on to do what she had to do - and I hopped on the expressway.

As fate would have it, my meditation group meeting place was on the route to my house.

I once more felt compelled NOT to go the meditation, and just mosey on home.

As I came to the exit for the street to the meditation meeting, I hesitated further.

But finally, I turned off to the expressway - and went on to the meeting.

I arrived in the parking lot shy of 7 PM. But there were no parking spaces. Finally, within seconds, a space opened up - close-by to the doorway.

I parked, rushed into the buidling, and found my meditation group.

I was also hesitant about the group because a very good friend of mine that I have known for years was also a member of this group. We love each other very much, but our relationship has had its challenges. And we were kind of in the middle of a mild challenge right now.

But I marched on, and marched in.

I was hoping that one of my favorite chants would be presented during this one particular gathering, and I when I looked at the chant/song sheet, there it was:

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya," which translated means, "Om is the name of that inside me, which is aware of the Oneness of all things" (which, of course, I had also just chanted in the tub Thursday morning for the first time in a long time).

Clearly, this was validation that I had made the correct choice to visit this very special gathering on this one particular night.

Then, came the discussion, which was presented by the group's "host," and which followed a period of silent meditation.

This night, the topic was "friendship" - and once again, my decision to visit the meditation group at this particular time was validated.

I had earlier met with a wonderful friend who encouraged me to attend meditation, where I would meet with another wonderful friend with whom I had to love just a little bit more than usual.

I did so, and all was well.

I visited a little bit with everyone afterwards, and then left around 8:30 in order to rest properly for a 5:30 AM call (to work) the next morning.

As I left the building and returned to my car in the parking lot, I noticed that I had parked right next to my meditative friend's red SUV.

If you recall, I could not find a space until the last moment when I pulled in.

Now, I had realized that I had parked thisclose to my meditative friend's car.

Again - more validation that I had made the correct choice in attending my meditation group.

Then, when I opened the door to my car, and looked towards the passenger side, I saw one of my favorite books, THE ANGELS WITHIN US (by Randolph Price), resting on the seat.

"Of course," I said to myself.

This book had been returned to me at dinner, which was then some three hours before.

My dinner-companion-friend had borrowed the book and wanted to return it - that's initially why we met for a bite to eat in the first place.

So, as I sat there in my car, a gentle smile graced my face, as it became clear to me that the ANGELS had the entire evening planned from the get-go.

Thank you, ANGELS - I love you.

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