Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here's to your health!

* Eliminate ALL red meats.

* Eliminate all alcoholic beverages and soda. If you must have alcohol with your meal, make it only one nice, cool classy glass of white wine - with dinner. Though red's okay, too. And if you must have soda, make it ginger ale. But ideally, only drink bottled water. Preferably, Aquafina. And NEVER drink JUICES with your meal. At breakfast, have your juice at least 20 minutes BEFORE your meal. The acids of the juices do not mix well with food. That's why people, from when they are very young, frequently get stomach aches.

And when you do drink juice, make it GRAPE JUICE. And NOT generic, but WELCHES. And not white grape juice, but actual GRAPE GRAPE JUICE. (Though make sure to dilute it with bottled water bottled. Otherwise, there's too much sugar in the juice for your system.)

And oh yeah - GREEN TEA is REALLY good for you. It eats away callories, in addition to just plain being a wonderful anti-toxin in general.

* Eliminate ALL white breads, and Italian/French loaf-concoctions. Eat only pumpernickel or darker breads. Marble or rye is fine. Wonder Bread is POISEN.

* Eliminate ALL fried foods. Eat only baked or broiled meats, though preferably fish or fowl.

* Have your salads AFTER your meals (you know, like the smart people do in Europe). And drink water before, after and during your meals.

* Eliminate ALL white pasta, and replace it with either wheat or spinach pasta, preferably spinach.

* Eliminate ALL dairy products, especially milk. Milk, like juice, taken with food is disruptive and poisonous to the stomach.

* Take as much Vitamin C (Ester-C, preferably) as possible. 1000 mg., or more, per meal is not too much (though check with your doctor on this, first). Meanwhile, study the research of Linus Pauling (

Overall, don't eat too heavily before 12 NOON, and don't eat at all after 8 PM. Also, too, talk kind to your body. Tell it how much you love it (if it works for plants, it can work for the human body). Read the books The Power of Prayer Over Plants and The Hidden Secrets of Water.

If at some point, you become DESPERATE for say, a hamburger, at least make it a regular burger (with no cheese or bacon), and please, please at least eliminate the french fries and various toppings.

Sometimes the emotional need for a Schaler's or Fat Burger outweighs the physical detriment of red meat. This is acceptable.

But why is red meat SO bad for you? Because it takes DAYS for it to digest in your system. For example, if you have red meat on Monday, it's still in your colon on Thursday, rotting and creating disease.

For desert? JELLO. RED JELLO - which helps the blood. And if you absolutely have to some sugar, have carrot cake. But that's it.

Through it all, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is to drink GREEN TEA and to drink WATER (and you'll never have any kidney stones).

All life comes from the water. The Earth is 70% water. The human body is 70% percent water. If all life on the Earth comes from the water, then the same rules apply to the human body.

See, how God=Love worked that out?

Now go drink some (bottled) water, and give your body the cup of life.


Brendan said...

If I ever drop in on you in Rochester, we are going OUT to eat.

ruditoconchile said...

Red meat is difficult to digest and is laced with all kinds of toxins from vaccinations the cattle receive in their lifetime. Imagine if you were the main course. If you do eat red meat, try to get your meat from store that sell free-range meat. If you eat any kind of meat, try to limit the portion to the amount the size of your hand.

I would also consider adding a little apple cider vinegar to your favorite juice with a dash of cinnamon to help with digesting meat. That or a cup of fresh squeezed lemonaide 10 minutes before a meal with meat. This will give your body the proper acidic flora to digest food properly.

I have some more to say but I don't know how many words I can publish

ruditoconchile said...

*only drink bottled water. Preferably, Aquafina.

Distilled water is better for you if you mineralize it. Try adding 12 grains of brown rice to each gallon you store in your refrigerator. This will mineralize the water and it will be free of flouride and other toxins that is in all undistilled water. Storing the water in glass containers will also prevent toxic plastic from being in your water.