Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sounds like the "conversion of souls" or "soul grid," if you ask me.


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Astronomers have discovered a giant magnetic field that is coiled like a
snake around a rod-shaped gas cloud in the constellation Orion.

Timothy Robishaw, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, involved in the discovery, described the structure as a "giant, magnetic Slinky wrapped around a long, finger-like interstellar cloud."

Astronomers call that wound-up shape "helical."

The discovery, presented here this week at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, was made in the Orion Molecular Cloud, a known stellar nursery in the constellation Orion. It supports a previous theory about how magnetic fields interact with interstellar gas clouds.

In 2000, Jason Fiege and Ralph Pudritz from McMaster University suggested that filamentary clouds like the Orion Molecular Cloud might exhibit a helical magnetic field around their long axis. This discovery is the first confirmation of their theory.

Astronomers have long suspected that magnetic fields, combined with gravity, help to pull dust inside the clouds together to make stars. But magnetic fields in space are difficult to detect.

"The [magnetic] field in interstellar space is very weak and there are systematic measurement effects that can produce erroneous results," Robishaw said.

The helical shape of the magnetic field is believed to be caused by matter in the interstellar cloud moving in a straight line along the length of the filament. When this happens, it causes the magnetic field around the cloud to spiral around in a corkscrew pattern. The researchers were able to detect this spiral shape using the Green Bank Telescope, a radio observatory in Virginia.

Carl Heiles, an astronomer at UC Berkeley who headed the study, said that there is one other possible explanation for the magnetic field’s helical shape. It may be that streaming jets of high-energy particles from the neighboring constellation Eriandus produced magnetic waves that were transported by shockwaves to the Orion Molecular Cloud, Heiles said.

Once there, the magnetic field could have wrapped around the cloud in the spiral pattern that was observed.

The researchers said that further study is needed to distinguish between the two possibilities.

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worldwidewoman said...

Dear Herbie Pilato
I hope you are happy and well today!! Your current posting is fascinating - but I am actually writing to you about another topic. I hope that's ok with you.
My husband is American (we met at Imperial College in London back in 1974, in a multi-disciplinary science lab where he was a post-doc, researching and modelling pinocytotic transport in cells, and I was involved in experimental physiology)- we were great fans of the Kung Fu series back in the 70s and recently rediscovered it via the DVD. Barry had a heart attack in Aug 2004 and that was a real shock and wake-up call to us both. He decided he was going to follow his own personal interests and write a book based around Kung Fu philosophy. He finished it and had a small number printed for friends and family, and now we have posted the pdf version on a web page. Is there a chance you might take a look at the finished work and make a comment or two? The url is and the book is called Cricket's Journey (by the way, British people call a cricket a grasshopper!).
My other question is about your book The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom: I am so intrigued because today on it is priced at $1003 and on the UK Amazon site at £830 - can you explain those prices? My web searches seem to show that the book probably cost around $14.95 when it was published. Has Amazon made a mistake - or is there some good reason. Maybe it is the last original book in existence and has your signature? But then why not auction it on eBay? It just doesn't seem to make any sense!
I look forward to seeing a reply from you at some time.
Warm regards
Jane Rubin

Herbie J Pilato said...

Hi, Jane -

It all sounds good - and congrats on your husband's accomplishment. I'll check the site out.

As to the ebay positing of the Kung Fu Book of Wisdom, I'll check that out, too. But it sounds about right.

We only printed about 5,000 copies of the book, so it has become very rare indeed.

In fact, I'm thinking of auctioning my Kung Fu photo collection (that I used for both the Wisdom book and the first Kung Fu Book of Caine).

But we shall see.

Either way, please feel free to email me:

Herbie J Pilato