Thursday, June 01, 2006

Crop Circles and the Virgin Mary

Someone made this very keen observation regarding spirituality and science, one of which is probably the clearest I have ever read: "Imagine if you were an ET who wanted to instill some measure of peace among a superstitious, somewhat backward and potentially barbaric race of people. Would such a people who are still struggling within the throngs of religious doctrine be able to understand you if you, as an ET, landed front and center and began to forewarn the masses that they needed to rethink their ways cause a war was coming if they did not change?The message (prophecy) is clear, however it would not go over well if the messenger came in a form that was alien, frightening, bewildering, confusing, and unfamiliar. It would therefore be wiser to convey such warnings and messages of prophetic doom, and the need to love one another, by taking the form of something familiar, warm, religious, Godly, and of course..human. What better form than the beautiful Virgin Mary surrounded with white light, glowing with infinite warmth and love? No devout Catholic would run at the sight of the motherly Virgin Mary.As an ET concerned with human affairs and progress, compelling the people towards meaningful changes would require some cleverness on your part. Landing on the White House lawn and demanding people rethink their ways just doesn't cut it. Not only would it be too frightening for many if ET was to make overt landings, but this mere act would cause a great and unnecessary disturbance in deeply ingrained human belief systems -- and thus, their evolutionary path. If this were to occur, every person on Earth would have no choice but to accept the existance of extraterrestrials, whether they were ready for it or not. This could be disasterous for the majority on Earth, leading to suicides, panic, hysteria, depression, overwhelming fear, and even to idol worship (remember, most humans are still under the spell that they need a leader to make decisions for us). Too many on this planet are still struggling with dogmatic and harmful religious beliefs that are holding them back from expanding their awareness, or in attaining a greater understanding of the Self and its role in Creation. As such, the major drawback is the inability to integrate with people from other worlds.It is not surprising that ET chooses instead to form crop circles. This has several advantages. Crop circles are images and messages that cannot be hidden from public view by any government, no matter how hard they try (unlike radio signals via SETI which can be kept secret). Crop circles allow enough evidence for ET, but not so much that everyone is forced to believe in ET. That way, those who are not ready do not have to accept ET as reality. Crop circles employ the power of sacred geometry, causing a shift that is very subtle in the human consciousness when gazed upon, and therefore on the collective human/planetary consciousness. Crop circles are adaptable and versatile, and can be tailered to fulfill specific purposes. Crop circles are interactive in that humans can participate subconsciously in the formation of crop circles. Crop circles can be viewed as a formal declaration that ET is here, without impinging harmfully upon the delicate human psyche. Crop circles set the stage for the emergence of fresh ideas and paradigm shifts, leading ultimately to a smoother transition into the next level (dimension) of human consciousness. And the list goes on...As a final note, check out the UFO sightings witnessed at various Marian sightings/apparitions around the world. This is revealing as a possible source of Marian images. Earth is in great need of true and lasting peace. But advanced beings from inner/outer space must tread lightly and allow humans to join the greater cosmic and interdimensional community when they are ready."

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beepbeepitsme said...

"If I had been the Virgin Mary, I would have said "No."
Margaret Smith