Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bat vs. The Man: A Happy Halloween Story Revisited

Hello Everyone –

This blog was originally posted on August 4th, 2004. Unfortunately, it’s a true story. Fortuantely, it’s also very funny.



So I'm lying in bed the other night, around 3 AM, wide awake, thinking about all the great things for which I have to be thankful.

In a moment, to my window the left of me, I hear something rustle behind the mini-blinds. I look over, the rustling stops, and I think nothing of it.

A few seconds later, the rustling starts again - and I take a second look.

As I peer back at the blinds, they indeed start to move again. I look closer and, in a second or so, I see something FLY out from behind the blinds.

Is it a bird?

No. It's plain to see.

It's a BAT!

That's right: a BAT!!!

I freak out and leap to my feet with a screechingly loud little-girl scream.

I then search the room for a weapon of defense. I soon realize I have nothing but a bed-sheet to protect me. So I wrap the sheet around my waist and head for the phone.

I dial 911.

I really didn't know what else to do.

So I dial 911."911 Center...?"

"Yes, thank you,” I say. “There is a BAT flying around my apartment. Please help me!"
"Uhm, Sir. I'm sorry. But e don't do bats!"

"What?! How can you not do bats!?"

"I'm sorry, Sir – we just don’t."

The bat now heads for my head. I screech again, and slam the phone down.

I then untie the sheet from my waist and create some kind of elongated, rope-styled weapon. And in a moment, it's only me, now looking like JUNGLE BOY, and the BAT. Mano eh Bato.

The bat is screeching, "Eeech! Eeech! Eeech!"

I'm screeching, "Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!"

The bat’s wings and batty little eyes are flying towards me.

I'm swinging my sheet-rope."Eeech! Eeech! Eeech!"

"Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!"

The battle between JUNGLE BOY and the BAT is on.

I swing at it, and swing at it, and swing at it. And miss.

At one point, my sheet-rope gets caught on the oven door in the kitchen. I pull at the sheet, and from a mere sheer shot of brute super adreniline strength, the oven door comes OFF it's hinges – as I myself then become un-hinged.

The bat continues to attack - and I nervously try to untie my only available weapon - before I'm bitten and transformed into some kind of creature of the night.

I finally free the sheet-rope, and after a few more swings and a lot of YIKES!, I don't see the bat in the air.

I HIT it! It's DOWN.


I look around - and find it's body under the dining room table.

It looks dead - but I somehow feel the need to finish the job. So I run over to my bookcase and find the biggest book I can.


I take it from the shelf, throw the sheet over the bat, and start pounding the bat with the book.
This bat has flown it's last fly.

I get some newspaper, fling it in to the trash can, and bring down to the basement dumpster.

I return back upstairs to my apartment.

I look around at the battleground.

The rustled mini-blinds. ROGER EBERTS MOVIE VIDEO COMPANION on the floor.

The oven door off it's hinges.

And I laugh...LOUD... in victory, like I'm some kind of new character combination
between someone on LOST and/or LORD OF THE FLIES.

Then I really laugh…like a normal person.

And a few moments later, I try to go back to sleep. But I can't.

All I can think about was the bat.

Then I thought about how strange it was that, only earlier in the the day, I was reminiscing about how much I used to love DARK SHADOWS. And how I now see a bat on the same day I'm recalling another famous Bat/Man - in the guise of DS's Barnabas Collins (played by the iconic Jonathan Frid).

Just exactly how much power of visualization do we really have?

Couldn't help but think that we have a lot.

Either that, or I just need to learn to keep my windows shut.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Hello Everyone -

Here is more Heavenly-insight from Near-Death-Experiencer Rudenski (of who uncovered great wisdom regarding the being he calls The Librarian (who thinks he's God) and the true God of Love and Light above the Librarian (who REALLY IS GOD).

Through the ages, humanity has been confused as to why God would want disease, war, pitting nation against nation, hatred, etc. Well, the good news is, God never ordained this behavior in man and he doesn't now. As Rudenski has explained in various posts on, war, disease and the like - and anything having to do with a reward/punishment value system - all of that stuff is the work of the Librarian.

So, essentially, we can all relax - the True God above the Librarian is all about LOVE. And that's it. Not judgment, not condemnation, nothing along those lines of division or separation.

In the post that Rudenksi has made today (and the one I have transferred here in this email), the message is clear (and somewhat similar to my very own Message Of Light that I email everyone every so often - and which I have listed below for your convenience following Rudenski's comments):

All that matters is the love we have and the love we give away.

That's it.

Nothing else.


That said, and as the world seemingly continues to lose its head, I encourage you to keep yours, to keep reading and visiting good thoughts like Rudenski's archived posts at, and to love and forgive everyone in your life every second, every day, every moment, in every way.

Herbie J



"We, all of us who have soul, fell into our bodies like baby birds who are kicked out of the nest...through our willfulness to burn for the things of the flesh...but the prodigal son...we learn to overcome the desire for chemical burning that covers our soul and still seek to love unconditionally. Each of us with a soul may be overtaken by the chemical desires of our bodies but as we return to heaven, our souls are all white as snow in heaven. In the presence of the Father of lights, all color is blistered away. We are all intense bright children of the Light of God when we leave heaven to enter our mother's womb. If the carcass over our soul diminishes the perfect, beautiful, intense orb of light we are when we leave the creator of that light then it is only a temporary condition. No color could stay in Love's presence and maintain a pigment. We(our souls) are literally made out of the same substance as God who is made of light which is love. In the tunnel, on the way home to our true nature, whatever pigments we may have picked up while we lived will be filtered out in the tunnel on the way home. Before God, after the filtering, we will stand kneel and before the God who is love and testify what we have learned about love while we lived in a dying mortal body. Whatever love we were given and whatever love we gave is all made out of the same substance (The light of God) and will survive in its perfect light form.In conclusion, there are spirits that hide from the light that may discolor our souls as they attach to us...disease...chemical addictions...that may burn a different color than the light of God, but they are not us. God didn't create us in a caste system. We are all made out of love. If we souls appear to become different colors then it is only an illusion. Everything made out of light will return to the light and all things made out of the substance of death and dying will die and be forever forgotten by the God who is love. Serving love should be the very most important only love will survive this world...."



In the beginning, we were all one big ball of light. Then a few of us decided (through the gift of God’s free will) that we needed to separate into billions of tiny balls of light. Then a few more decided that we needed to take physical form. Sooner, than later, we found ourselves divided by all kinds of issues (with no answers) that we created, not God. So, now we have to create the circumstances (i.e. Earthly challenges with which to learn life lessons and/or reincarnating until we get it right - learning that love is the answer to everything) so we can return us to where we started: Together, united as one - back to God.
Here's a quick guide: Christmas and Easter are symbolic messages of whom and what God is in our lives. God comes to us as we believe Him to be. If we are Christian, then we believe Him (and will see Him) as Jesus. Muslim? Allah. Buddhist? Buddha. And so on, and so forth, and so good. Jesus was God Incarnate on Earth. As the Son of God, He was and is the Awesome Deliverer. As the Son of Man, He was and is everything that each of us should aspire to be in/on this Earth realm. As a Human Being, he was one of the kindest to ever have lived. As a Historical Figure, he was a genius. Jesus' life was a living parable...a parable similar to those he was so fond of dispelling while he was on Earth. The Birth of Jesus is symbolic of the Birth of the Christ Consciousness in each of us. The Resurrection of Jesus, is symbolic of the Resurrection of our Hearts, Minds and Souls to our Higher Consciousness.
Joseph Campbell was right. Look to the message behind the myth, myth, here meaning, story, a.k.a. Bible Stories. This doesn't mean that the Bible stories are myths, as in fantasies or as in never happened. No. Indeed, they were real and did transpire. But they transpired as history and parable, and we must concentrate on the latter as lesson for the development of our souls. In doing so, we must not employ judgment. Rather, we must love and respect one another, ignore our differences, and concentrate on what makes us the same - which is God.
God doesn't give a flying fig if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Black, White, Straight, Gay, or Martian. We're all on different paths that lead to the same destination. Once again, back to God.
It's that simple, and it's not difficult and it has nothing to do with hate, for there is only love. It has nothing to do with death, for there is only life. After what we call death, there is only more life, and that has nothing to do with division and the end of the world. For there are only new beginnings, and unity, linked by God.
Therefore, hold on to God, and let go of the world.