Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Prayer Ignited My Nephew's Light

Back in the mid-1980s my sister and brother-in-law were having difficulties getting pregnant. For years, they wanted very much to have children, but it wasn't happening. One Christmas, in fact, in 1985, they even purchased Cabbage Patch dolls as substitues. I felt so sad for them. So, that December, after I had completed my tenure with NBC in Burbank, I was home in Rochester for the Holidays. I stayed at my sister's house - and I prayed. I remember sleeping in their room, while they slept on the two sofas in their den. And while there, in the middle of the night, I looked out their window, and I closed my eyes and said, "Lord...please give my sister and brother-in-law a child for Christmas." I then opened my eyes and, in a moment, I saw sparkles trinkling around the window...little tiny ones, half in "this world"; half in the "next." A few weeks after that, on New Year's Eve, my sister became pregnant. And on September 7th, 1986, my nephew Sammy was born.