Thursday, February 08, 2007

The "Sparkles" Of My Soul

I had an awesome dream last night. I can't really remember most of it; just bits and pieces. But I think I saw what my inner "Orb of Light" looks like.

At some point, I was between Earth and Heaven - controlling the weather, of all things.

I was talking with a few other souls, while I believe it was Jesus (or at least someone who I perceived to be Jesus) was watching me from aside, moving closer - especially as I was waving my "hand" to direct the weather over what I at least assumed was Earth.

At one point it, was raining, and I said to this one soul next to me, "Now - watch this." And I moved my hand, and the rain stopped and the sun shined bright.

It was then Jesus - or again - who I at least think was Jesus - moved a little closer. I vaguely recall the expression on His face. But I do know it was somewhat cautionary bemusement, as if He was saying, "Now, Herbie J - stop showing off."

Beyond that, all I remember are the "sparkles" of my soul (which colored my inner "Orb of Light").


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