Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Answer

There are two "Gods":

The God of this World, who THINKS he's God (but he's really not). This is the God who runs the world on a punishment/reward system - the one who made up the bull called The Ten Commandents; the God for which Jesus chastised the Pharisees.

Then there is the TRUE God of Love - who is in HEAVEN, who loves us unconditionally - the God of Love who sent Jesus, Buddah and all the good souls and angels and saints of all good religions and spiritual beliefs down to Earth to help us sincerely understand just how much we are loved.

The God of the Pharisees is called the Librarian - who keeps a record of our souls and creates havoc based on individual and group karma (the violence, etc).

The God Of Love keeps no record on anything but loving kindness - and we don't have to do one darn thing to earn this God of Love's Love. We already have it.

That's the God we need to worship - and it's THAT GOD OF LOVE who will truly protect us.

Pray to THAT GOD (of LOVE).

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