Sunday, April 08, 2007

Laugh In The Face Of A Bully...

Remember always to laugh in the face of a bully.

Like with today on Easter Sunday, for those of us on the East Coast who are experiencing some white flakes from the sky....

Don't let that snow get you down on Easter.

Don't let it bully you.

And what's a bully, anyway?

An insecure individual who needs to put others down because they feel insecure about themselves - or because they need to make themselves feel better or superior by attempting to make others feel less than or inferior?

The best way to disarm a bully? To laugh right straight at 'em. From there, they are powerless.

Just like the snow is today. It's powerless or powerful, depending on your perspective.

Some may percieve the snow as attempting to destroy the joy of the holiday, whether in the sacred tradition or the way of the bunny trail.

But again, don't let it.

Instead, see underneath the snow, if you will. View it as a Blanket of Light that has graced the Earth, even maybe with a dash of Christmas on Easter.

So, move forward; live and celebrate this day - and every day.

Rise above it all, and allow the snow to rise and return to Heaven, which will smile upon you and maybe next time send a rainbow as a reward for your evolved perspective.

That's right - go ahead and laugh in the face of the bully, who really isn't a bully at all, but an an Angel of Light (and White) in disguise.

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