Friday, April 06, 2007

Says It All

I look first to my heart for answers,
And all else follows.
I concentrate on the good,
And things get better.
I am patient and kind with my family and friends.
I speak gentle words with dignity and grace.
I eat the right foods, drink a lot of water,
And I am not overly-concerned with beauty.
I am generous and love people for who they are,
And not for what they do for me - or
For who I want them to be.
I allow for differences in the world;
I magnify what makes all people the same (our common humanity).
I am a magnet of peace and joy wherever I go;
All who come to me walk away stronger of mind, heart and soul.
I encourage my peers to succeed;
I am happy for those above me when I'm at the top;
I adhere to these simple laws of Light.
I think happy thoughts.
As I do so,
My life is blessed with leadership
And self-respect.

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