Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Always Follow Your Gut

Science was never one of my better subjects in school, certainly not when I attended college - and failed my freshman science class - which forced me into summer school.

Fortunately, I had a great professor who helped me to not only understand science in the classroom, but the science of life.

"When you make a decision," he would tell us summer students, "stick to it. No matter what it is. Eventually, your decision will work itself out."

I have periodically applied that wonderful advice in the twenty-five years since I first heard it on that semi-smoldering June afternoon in 1979. I just wish I would have applied it more often; meaning, too, that I just wish I would trust my instincts more often. Because I'm usually right, especially when it comes to reading character - and creating a buffer zone or a cushion to brace myself when life doesn't work out, dare I say, as planned.

Decision-making is not easy for any of us. But we have to do it. A very wise friend once told me, "Herb - life is about choices." The thing is, we should stick to those choices once we make them - and we should trust those choices - and our ability to make them.

At least I should, mostly because again, my instincts or gut-feelings are usually correct - on first impressions...and the first-time around.

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