Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Message From Rudenski And His Conversation With God

"Don't worry so much about this world...death has been conquered and swalled up in life. You are more than just the life you are living right now. I knew you before you were born...before you entered your mother's womb

"You struggle because you chose to struggle. You also chose the situation you are in right now. You have a mind constrained by constraints you put on it. You have a body with constraints you put on it. You have your beautiful spirit and turn what you have into what you desire for your mind and for your body.

"Forgive yourself of all harm you have caused in the past with your body and your mind.

"I Am.

"I hold nothing against you. It is you who is hard on yourself. Quit the dialogue in your head where you take shots at yourself and insult yourself. Don't think that I am thinking those damning thoughts about you. You are my child and I love you at least as much as I loved you before you wre born.. But more love has been added from the life you have lived in your world.

"I Am.

"I want you to let go of your negative self-criticism and when you start to be down yourself, look toward the idealized you and see who you could be rather than the mistakes you are making and the harm you have caused. The greatest gift you can give to me is for you not to punish yourself day in and day out for your weakness but instead, I smile and angels rejoice and sing when you...even you...turn from your weakness and stand up for what is good and right.

"Good is that which you would have done if you rememebred your special gifts that are. And right is not some place self-rightous anger but the gentle still voice of doing what you know spreads love. In that quiet place you will remember...without the confusion...what you came into this world to do.

"I Am.

"In a place of loving-kindness start acting as if you are living your plan for yourself and the heavens will open up and meet you on your way to your path to what it is you desired when you left my live your the body you chose...with the mind your the place and time you and now.

"It is your time to give who you are...your idealized the world as there is no time here in heaven...You are where you are and what you are but time ends and you will be free of whatever heartaches you have and you will be you without the self-abuse that you give yourself...

"Draw closer to me and I will draw closer to you.

"I Am.

"When you wake up, do you see your idealized you going through your day? Do walk in steps of who you are before you were born and add only the goodness of what you can be today? When your body and mind rebel, overcome their rebellion and you will be an overcomer.

"I Am...(You)."

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