Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lifetime Care Presents: "Acting As Caregiver" - with Herbie J Pilato

is proud to announce our newest, most unique program...

A Theatrical Exercise In Sustaining A Healthy and Productive Perspective In The Face Of Challenge - with Herbie J Pilato

For many, being a caregiver is a life filled with numerous challenges that call for a particular brand of stamina. Sometimes the caregiver does not always have access to the emotional and/or psychological tools to deal with those challenges. The caregiver may have the energy, but more times than not, it gets lost somewhere in the shuffle of overwhelming exhaustion that periodically proves detrimental in the life of both the caregiver and the patient. As a result, the caregiver may no longer understand or know how to cope, objectively, with the situation at hand.

With our new program, Acting As Caregiver: A Theatrical Exercise In Sustaining A Healthy and Productive Perspective In The Face Of Challenge, actor/author Herbie J Pilato - a caregiver himself -helps to focus the caregiver's energy more productively. By employing the creative technique of improvisation, as well as theatrical character and scene study, Herbie J helps the caregiver clarify their sometimes overwhelming situation.

Acting As Caregiver is, bar none, one of the most unique programs offered as support for the caregiver, and should not be missed. Call now (see contact information below) to reserve your seat - and to benefit from this wonderful exercise.

To register for ACTING AS CAREGIVER with Herbie J Pilato, please contact Theo Munson at Lifetime Care, @ 214.1414 or email Ms. Munson at Theo.Munson@lifetimecare.org.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"For The Fun Of It"

I've read a ton of spiritual books in my life. But no passage in any of those books say so succinctly and so pristinely what this next particular message (from an Angel) relays about the true joy of life and our PURPOSE in connection with God=Love. On page 209 of THE ANGELS WITHIN US, author John Randolph Price publishes a quote from an awesome Angel who told him:

Live for the fun of it...

Play more, for the fun of it; love and make love more, for the fun of it. Touch and hold and kiss the one who lights up your life, for the fun of it...

Laugh and giggle and sing and dance, for the fun of it, as a little child without a care, for truly...there is...only today.

Be unconditional and nonconforming, a little crazy, for the fun of it. Be a gleeful self and see a hilarious world, for the fun of it.....

Trust the Presence and Power of God, for the fun of it. Surrender to the activity of God in every aspect of life, for the fun of it.

Do everything in life just for the fun of it....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Fire the Grid" And FORGIVE And LOVE Everyone Who Hates You

I once heard a very wise Yogi tell me, "The crust of the Earth is held together by the love of God."

Hold your world together tighter today, and hold on to those you love, forgive everyone who has ever hurt you and send out nothing but LOVE.

Check out the links below and send out your LOVE and FORGIVENESS to everyone - even those who hate you and hurt you, and even those you yourselves hate. Maybe even if you hate yourself.

Either way, turn that hate into LOVE. Erase that hate with your LOVE and FORGIVENESS and we will have a beautiful new Earth in the process.

Trust me, things cannot go on like they have. Things MUST change.

Be a part of that change...by changing your heart.

Forgive the person who stole your true love - or your life savings. Forgive the parent who beat you, the teacher that failed you or the boss the fired you. Forgive yourself for not being where you want to be, or not being who you thought you'd be by now.

Forgive with LOVING-KINDNESS - and that LOVING-KINDNESS (which IS you) will help you to rise above it all...to BE above it all....

Give LOVE to those who are unlovable. Reach out to do those who are unreachable. And trust that the "crust of the Earth is held together by the LOVE of GOD - which IS the LOVE you share - which is YOU."

Do it today. And then do it again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and onto forever.



The website

The video via YouTube

Get a sneak peak of the all-new AOL.com.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Flip-Side Of Love Is Still Love

It was time to rework the issues recently stated in a previous post on how NOT to behave towards yourself.

So, here now are affirmations for true SELF-LOVE, stated in first-person:

SELF-ACCEPTANCE: I see myself in union with my family. I build myself up, and I know my opinions and preferences are important.

SELF-LOVE: My correct inner voice tells me how okay it is to love myself in an unselfish way. As a result, my body/soul/spirit connection reacts with pure health in every way.

NON-COMPETATIVE: I easily defer to others.

TRUTH OF BEING: I am complete as I am.

GENEROUS: I share all I am and have with others, understanding that we are linked and united and that there is no separation.

PEACE: I accept and embrace my IQ, appearance, body, parents, race, birthplace,

TRANQUILITY: I allow others the chance to offer their love to me and I embrace it.

SILENCE: I listen to others and their opinions, needs, feelings, knowledge or just chit chat.

SECURITY: I feel safe, valued and loved.

TRUE SELF: What I am is what others see.

WORTHINESS: I am worthy of blessings.

SELF-CONFIDENCE: I build myself up, and maximize my strengths. I have faith in my loving perceptions and abilities, and I always make wise choices.

BALANCE: I embrace my life's good balance, purpose and plans - and the big picture.

PERFECTION: I feel good about myself always.

SELF-JOY: I acknowledge the progress and growth in my life, and I identify with the success of my past, present and future.

SELF-ESTEEM: I view myself as a success and feel lovable. I am whole.

SELF-FORGIVNESS: I am quick to forgive myself and others.

APPROVAL: I have complete unconditional love and acceptance for myself.

NECESSARY/NEEDED: My contributions to the world are worthwhile.

FAITH: I trust always that I have success on every level of life and view myself as lovable - forever and ever.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bread & Circuses: Diet Affects Your Energy

I walked my daily walk yesterday - and it was less than beneficial.

I was literally draggin' my feet. In fact, a fellow walker/fast-walker streamlined right by me and I said,

"Hey, Dude - you gotta' an awesome pace there. And here I am draggin' my feet."

"Awe, now," he replied, "the pace don't matter. Just as long as you walk."

But I believe he was incorrect. I believe that the pace does indeed matter - and not only that - but the energy BEHIND the pace also matters.

And my energy yesterday was lacking...and again, "dragging".

So I traced my steps for that day and wondered why....

It came down to inappropriate carb choices:

I ate an apple (way too much natural sugar for me) and I had a turkey sandwich ("bad" combination of meat and bread).

Both choices were a mistake.

I should have chosen a pear instead of that apple...and maybe some strawberries (both pears and strawberries are awesome calorie-killing fruits).

The turkey in the sandwich was okay - but not the bread.

For me, anyway. (It was a bad mix. Bread and meat. Nay.)

Everyone's matabolism is different. But for me, bread, pasta, and apples are the wrong three-ring circus for me to play in.

They just don't work.

My body gets bloated, I have less energy - and my pace in exercising is thrown off.

As a result, I have a less-than happy day.

Happy days should transpire EVERY day.

Be CONSCIOUS of what works for you, and what doesn't - physically, emotionally, psychologically and in every way, every day. And your days will be happy, long-term (and not just with short-term satisfaction that, ultimately, proves to be destructive - or energy-draining).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How To Love Yourself (In An Unselfish Way)

Did you know that one of the most productive, constructive and beneficial things that you could is to love yourself in an unselfish way?

The ability to sincerely love yourself, as well as the ability to sincerely love love others and life in general, is far more important that any gift, talent, skill, calling or resume.

The problem is that most of us do not know how to love ourselves. We measure ourselves by our performance and by the opinion (and I stress the word "opinion") of others.

Instead, we many times remain isolated from others and, ultimately, lose our capacity to love. As such, our true self-love erodes, and we lose the ability to love, period.

Negative perceptions attack us with lies about who we are, false perceptions of what people think of us, and lies about what we believe what even God may think of us.

Unfortunately, there are many unloving perceptions that we wrongfully assign ourselves to undermine our self-esteem and our ability to trust and to love - ourselves and others

See how many of the following "unloving perceptions" prevent you from loving yourself - and then commence to eliminate them from your life and then start living your TRUE LIFE OF JOY. I know I recognize way too many of them in my own personhood.

So let us work together to "kick them out of our lives" forever.

Here we go:

SELF-REJECTION: You see yourself as the "non-person of the family"; you call yourself names, and believe that your opinions and preferences are not important.

SELF-HATRED: Your own misguided voice sometimes tell you that you hate yourself. As a result, your body/soul/spirit connection reacts with infirmities, auto-immune illnesses and diseases of unknown causes.

COMPETITION: You must always win and manipulate for self-promotion. You do not defer to others easily.

SELF-PRIDE: You crave a professional position, a relationship or material things to "complete" yourself or to maximize your potential. (The thing is: You ALREADY ARE complete; you just haven't realized it yet.)

SELFISHNESS: You are overly-sensitive to whether you are getting your share (i.e. of the love,) when you want it and how you want it. You take the exalted "I" and "I will" stance; falsely believing that you can live your life independently, by your own strength, with your own own talents, gifts and resources (and without needing anyone else).

REBELLION: You reject your IQ, appearance, body, parents, race, birthplace, etc.

ATTENTION-GETTING: You demand attention from people before they even have a chance to offer their love or at least before they can reject you. You are an easy prey for counterfeit love.

EXCESSIVE TALKATIVENESS: You are driven to dominate conversations with your opinions, needs, feelings, knowledge or just chit chat.

INSECURITY: You are easily offended, over react, feel devalued and take things too personally.

FABRICATED SELF: Your prematurely create a niche for yourself and tend to project yourself as more qualified than what you really are.

UNWORTHINESS: You fear that you are unworthy of blessings (based on your performance.)

SELF-DEPRECATION: You torture yourself by calling yourself names, cutting yourself down (as humor), minimize your strengths and maximize rour faults.

SELF-COMPARISON: You measure yourself negatively in contrast to the progress, blessings, gifts, talents and accomplishments of others.

SELF-ASSERTION: You are not asking for what you need; you demand with pressure, control or manipulation.

SELF-DECEPTION: You rationalize unhealthy reactions, beliefs and behaviors. You defend them when others attempt to tell you otherwise.

SELF-QUESTIONING: You constantly doubt your loving perceptions and abilities, and tend to believe that you will choose unwisely.

SELF-INDULGENCE: You are addicted to ineffective coping mechanisms like overspending, binge eating, kleptomania, drug abuse or therapy that "never seems to take effect!"

SELF-IDOLTRY: You obsess about your agenda, your needs, your successes and your "glory", instead of embracing your life's good balance, purpose and plans - and the "big picture".

PERFECTION: You only feel good about yourself if your performance meets the unreasonably high standards of others.

SELF-ACCUSATION: You refuse to acknowledge the progress or growth in your life, and you identify only with my past failures and project those failures into the future.

SELF-CONDEMNATION: You constantly view yourself as a failure, inadequate, inferior, unattractive, take the blame for all bad things that transpire, and feel unlovable. You believe that you are shameful because you are basically defective.

SELF-BITTERNES: You keep a record of your failures, withhold forgiveness from yourself, and resent yourself for being imperfect.

UNFORGIVING TOWARD YOURSELF: You have a false humility that tells you that it is more holy not to forgive yourself and that you should instead punish yourself.

NEED FOR APPROVAL: You attempt to earn "unconditional love and acceptance" (an oxymoron) by meeting the supposed expectations of others.

NOT NECESSARY/NOT NEEDED: You agree with devaluating condescending lies and conclude that you are not valuable and that your contributions are not worthwhile.

SELF-DOUBT AND UNBELIEF: Your disqualify yourself, settle for less, believe you are most unlikely to have success on any level of life and believe yourself to be unlovable.

SELF-DENIAL: You tend to exclude yourself, isolate yourself and suffer vs. asking for what you need.

SELF-ABSORPTION: You obsess on analyzing yourself, your interests, your needs, figuring out your own way or ruminating about your "issues".

SELF-ABUSE: You blame yourself, drive yourself with drugs or unrealistic demands, deny basic needs, volunteer for martyrdom, victimize yourself, are addicted to self-destructive behaviors.

SELF-PITY: You accept the identity of a victim, stay stuck in the past, become someone who is not healed, and insist that you should be pitied rather than believe that you can release your pain and make way for healing.

SELF-SABOTAGE: You "shoot yourself in the foot" because you are afraid to receive promotion, compliments or great opportunities. You disqualify yourself when you are afraid of succeeding. You push love away for fear of inevitable rejection.

If you find any of these false perceptions and out-right lies to be implanted in your mind, you have the power to renounce them in your life - and replace them with TRUE SELF-LOVE.

In other words, you truly have the ability to love yourself in an unselfish way.

Now CLAIM that ability.

It is yours and it always has been.

This affirmation, said every day, should help:

"I renounce and break all false agreements with anything that is less than love. I choose only to receive Love and give Love. Love fills every empty place in my life with Peace. I am precious, loveable, totally forgiven, unconditionally loved and accepted, completely apart from my performance. I choose to receive all the blessings that I have been afraid to receive. I am restored."

[Special note: This blog was inspired by the wonderful website, CROSS WALK LIFE, via this link: http://www.cwlinc.com/love-yourself.htm]

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Couldn't Have Written It Better Myself

"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to go back to."

- Journalist John Ed Pearce

Friday, July 06, 2007

I Am A Positive Human Being

One of my favorite ever affirmations is one that I used to begin each session with when I would teach acting (because acting is such a life-affirming profession). So here we go...repeat after me Everyone:

"I am a positive human being.

I believe in myself.

I love myself in an unselfish way.

I send out good vibrations to the entire Universe

And they are reflected back to me.


This moment.


And always...

Yee ha!"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Man, ain't this the truth....

"When your heart becomes the grave of your secret,
that desire will be gained more swiftly.

Peace upon he who keeps secret his innermost thoughts;
He will soon attain the object of his desire.

For when seeds are buried in the earth,
their inward secrets become the flourishing garden."

- Anonymous