Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bread & Circuses: Diet Affects Your Energy

I walked my daily walk yesterday - and it was less than beneficial.

I was literally draggin' my feet. In fact, a fellow walker/fast-walker streamlined right by me and I said,

"Hey, Dude - you gotta' an awesome pace there. And here I am draggin' my feet."

"Awe, now," he replied, "the pace don't matter. Just as long as you walk."

But I believe he was incorrect. I believe that the pace does indeed matter - and not only that - but the energy BEHIND the pace also matters.

And my energy yesterday was lacking...and again, "dragging".

So I traced my steps for that day and wondered why....

It came down to inappropriate carb choices:

I ate an apple (way too much natural sugar for me) and I had a turkey sandwich ("bad" combination of meat and bread).

Both choices were a mistake.

I should have chosen a pear instead of that apple...and maybe some strawberries (both pears and strawberries are awesome calorie-killing fruits).

The turkey in the sandwich was okay - but not the bread.

For me, anyway. (It was a bad mix. Bread and meat. Nay.)

Everyone's matabolism is different. But for me, bread, pasta, and apples are the wrong three-ring circus for me to play in.

They just don't work.

My body gets bloated, I have less energy - and my pace in exercising is thrown off.

As a result, I have a less-than happy day.

Happy days should transpire EVERY day.

Be CONSCIOUS of what works for you, and what doesn't - physically, emotionally, psychologically and in every way, every day. And your days will be happy, long-term (and not just with short-term satisfaction that, ultimately, proves to be destructive - or energy-draining).

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