Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Fire the Grid" And FORGIVE And LOVE Everyone Who Hates You

I once heard a very wise Yogi tell me, "The crust of the Earth is held together by the love of God."

Hold your world together tighter today, and hold on to those you love, forgive everyone who has ever hurt you and send out nothing but LOVE.

Check out the links below and send out your LOVE and FORGIVENESS to everyone - even those who hate you and hurt you, and even those you yourselves hate. Maybe even if you hate yourself.

Either way, turn that hate into LOVE. Erase that hate with your LOVE and FORGIVENESS and we will have a beautiful new Earth in the process.

Trust me, things cannot go on like they have. Things MUST change.

Be a part of that change...by changing your heart.

Forgive the person who stole your true love - or your life savings. Forgive the parent who beat you, the teacher that failed you or the boss the fired you. Forgive yourself for not being where you want to be, or not being who you thought you'd be by now.

Forgive with LOVING-KINDNESS - and that LOVING-KINDNESS (which IS you) will help you to rise above it all...to BE above it all....

Give LOVE to those who are unlovable. Reach out to do those who are unreachable. And trust that the "crust of the Earth is held together by the LOVE of GOD - which IS the LOVE you share - which is YOU."

Do it today. And then do it again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and onto forever.



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