Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Flip-Side Of Love Is Still Love

It was time to rework the issues recently stated in a previous post on how NOT to behave towards yourself.

So, here now are affirmations for true SELF-LOVE, stated in first-person:

SELF-ACCEPTANCE: I see myself in union with my family. I build myself up, and I know my opinions and preferences are important.

SELF-LOVE: My correct inner voice tells me how okay it is to love myself in an unselfish way. As a result, my body/soul/spirit connection reacts with pure health in every way.

NON-COMPETATIVE: I easily defer to others.

TRUTH OF BEING: I am complete as I am.

GENEROUS: I share all I am and have with others, understanding that we are linked and united and that there is no separation.

PEACE: I accept and embrace my IQ, appearance, body, parents, race, birthplace,

TRANQUILITY: I allow others the chance to offer their love to me and I embrace it.

SILENCE: I listen to others and their opinions, needs, feelings, knowledge or just chit chat.

SECURITY: I feel safe, valued and loved.

TRUE SELF: What I am is what others see.

WORTHINESS: I am worthy of blessings.

SELF-CONFIDENCE: I build myself up, and maximize my strengths. I have faith in my loving perceptions and abilities, and I always make wise choices.

BALANCE: I embrace my life's good balance, purpose and plans - and the big picture.

PERFECTION: I feel good about myself always.

SELF-JOY: I acknowledge the progress and growth in my life, and I identify with the success of my past, present and future.

SELF-ESTEEM: I view myself as a success and feel lovable. I am whole.

SELF-FORGIVNESS: I am quick to forgive myself and others.

APPROVAL: I have complete unconditional love and acceptance for myself.

NECESSARY/NEEDED: My contributions to the world are worthwhile.

FAITH: I trust always that I have success on every level of life and view myself as lovable - forever and ever.

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