Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Loving-Kindness" Is Still My New Favorite Phrase

A few posts in the past, I talked about how the term, "Loving-Kindness" had become my new favorite phrase. Well, it STILL is. Bottom line: Each of us is a Beacon of Light for the other. As such, we all need to cut each other some slack, expand our margin of error for one another, and be willing to begin again - whenever we get the chance. We have to be kinder to one another. We have to listen to those who are not heard...speak to those who are ignored...care about those who are careless...reach out to those who are otherwise unreachable...play with those who work too hard...laugh with those who shed too many tears. We should give to those who only know how to take and keep...offer peace where there is unrest...and so on, so forth, and so good. This is the stuff from which true Loving-Kindness springs.

So, rise to the challenge, my fellow Beacons of Light...show Loving-Kindness today and every day...in this moment...and in every second. In doing so, your heart will be replenished, you become a gift of grace to others, and your own life is blessed.

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