Monday, October 29, 2007

Be The Light In The Dark

I was always the cutest little boy in my neighborhood. I could sing and dance, and do things that, on the average, the other little boys could not. As a result, all the little girls would want to kiss me - and all the little boys would beat me up.

But one day, I smiled at a bully who was on the attack. And I kept smiling, and he didn't hit me. He didn't call me any names. He didn't beat me up. Instead of running or crying in fear, I continued to smile real big at my young adversary. I somehow understood that, in essence, he was afraid - afraid that I knew something he didn't - or that somehow, my presence in the neighborhood would diminish his.

Ultimately, when I smiled at him, I was laughing in the face of fear...his fear and my own. I was afraid that I was going to be hurt - and he was afraid that my talents would outshine his. So he had to put a stop to that. But I beat him to the punch. Literally.

Moral of the story? We all have talents, and our own particular brand of perspective or life philosophy. One talent or opinion is not better than the other. Each of us has gifts and a Light inside of us that can never diminish the Light inside others.

Instead, we must band together to become a combined Light - and always remember laugh in the dark...and in the face of the biggest bully: fear.

Happy Halloween!

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