Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mid-Fall Season 2007 Old-New TV Round-Up


60 Minutes (7:00 PM, CBS): Still as awesome as ever. The granddaddy of TV magazines treks on.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (7/8 PM, ABC): Above and beyond what a reality TV show should be (though the "tear" promos for reruns on TV Land should be presented with a little more sensitivity - as those families involved clearly go through life and death challenges).

Murder, She Wrote (7/8PM): The classic Angela Lansbury series marks a return to its original Sunday night slot, as the Hallmark Channel knows a good thing when it reruns one.

Paster Joel Osteen (8 PM, TBN): I loved this guy BEFORE he became a phenom - just as I was one of the first to love Star Trek - BEFORE it became cool to do so.

Desperate Housewives (9 PM, ABC): Game over.

Cold Case (9 PM, CBS): The chick still needs to comb her hair.

Shark (10 PM, CBS): Jimmy Woods is astounding in this very bright and tight show.

Sisters and Brothers (10 PM, ABC): You go Gidget!


How I Met Your Mother (8 PM, CBS): I have absolutely no idea why this dreadful show is on the air. Beyond Doogie Howser's regular role, this unfunny sitcom absolutely sucks. I sit there every week trying to laugh - trying to like it. But it's the Yes, Dear of its generation. The people involved should be ashamed of themselves.

Dancing with the Stars (8 PM, ABC): Every time I've seen it, I never not enjoy it.

Chuck (8 PM, NBC): Haven't seen it yet.

Prison Break (8 PM, FOX): I don't watch it.

Heroes (9 PM, NBC): Over-rated rip-off of X-Men. I like my superheroes in costume, thank you very much.

The Big Bang Theory (8:30 PM): I RUN to watch this show. HILARIOUS! LOVE IT! AWESOME!

Two And A Half Men (9 PM, CBS): I was much too hard on this show when it debuted. All I know now is that I laugh out-loud every time I watch it.

Journeyman (10 PM, NBC): Awe, come on - if you're gonna' do a time travel show, then friggin ' go WAY back in time - like they did on Time Tunnel in the '60s. None of this traveling back to 1996 crap. What's THAT all about?!


Beauty and the Geek (8 PM, The CW): How much do I love this show? Let me count the ways. Bottom line: this reality show has heart!

NCIS (8 PM, CBS): A fine hour of old-fashioned TV entertainment with a slight 21st Century edge.

Cavemen (8 PM, ABC): There was potential with this. But it's not ABOUT anything. I credit it only for attempting to address the issue of prejudice. But there is no story - or created mythology. Should be off the air and retooled after the producers purchase a copy of Bewitched creator Sol Sak's pristine book, The Craft of Comedy Writing.

The Unit (9 PM, CBS): Are they really serious about that title?

Cane (10 PM, CBS): It's good to see Jimmy Smits back on TV - and acting along icon Rita Morena? Very cool.


Kid Nation (8 PM, CBS): It's very scary how smart kids are today - and it's very scary that this is turning into a real-life Lord of the Flies.

Back to You (8 PM, FOX): Kind of a cross between The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Murphy Brown and Goodnight Beantown (which did the whole anchor-love-story first, years ago with Bill Bixy and Mariette Hartley (James Garner's married Poloroid wife from those classic TV-commercials).

Til' Death (8:30 PM, FOX): Just fine.

Pushisng Daisies (8 PM, ABC): Brilliant - in colors - and in execution.

America's Next Top Model (8 PM, The CW): Please remove Tyra Banks from all television.

Bionic Woman (8 PM, NBC): Get rid of the evil Bionic Woman; concentrate more on ONE cybernetic female at a time, namely the lead Jaime Sommers, and start respecting the mythology of the original series.

Private Practice (9 PM, ABC): I never watch Grey's Anatomy - so I don't care.

Dirty Sexy Money (10 PM): I heard somebody call this a Dynasty for the 21st Century. So, I guess that's okay.

Life (1o PM, NBC): Hope it runs 12 years.


Survivor (8 PM, CBS): Should be off the air, as it ignited the whole "mean-spirited" reality invasion (along with American Idol).

My Name Is Earl (8 PM, NBC): They didn't CREATE the "filmed-WITHOUT-an-audience" sitcom idea, you know....

Smallville (8 PM, The CW): The people from the new Bionic Woman series need to take a lesson from these guys in properly reimagining a classic superhero premise.

30 Rock (8:30 PM, NBC): Funny and great.

The Office (9 PM, NBC): Too mean.

ER (10 PM, NBC): Let's retire this puppy, with a DNR order, shall we?


Ghost Whisperer (8 PM, CBS): What a silly, silly delivery of such a potentially-great premise. Watch Medium (if you can find it) instead.

20/20 (8 PM, ABC): It belongs back at 10 PM.

The Next Great American Band (8 PM, FOX): The brilliant British Beatles would have never made the cut.

Moonlight (9 PM, CBS): What do you get when you cross Moonlighting with Angel? Apparently, this very mediocre series.

Friday Night Lights (9 PM, NBC): It took them HOW LONG to start airing this excellent series on Friday nights?

Women's Murder Club (9 PM, ABC): Perfect.

Men In Trees (10 PM, ABC): Find a replacement for Ann Heche - and everything will be alright.


The Lawrence Welk Show (7 PM, PBS): Sorry - LOVE it! The camp-appeal is irresistible.

Other than that, the networks change their Saturday night schedule every week, so who the heck knows?

Also, other than that - please cancel those violent CSI and Law & Order shows, all of which are too ghastly and goesh.

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