Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wisdom & Light Via My Good Friend Rudy at

My friend Rudy (a.k.a. "Rudenski") had an extensive "life-changing" Near-Death Experience over twenty years ago. In my own twenty-years plus experience of self-discovery, and researching various philosophies and religions from around the world, I have never come across - in a personal association - the wisdom and knowledge that one such as Rudy has had access to on a Direct basis. Rudy met and talked with the Father/Mother of LOVE - and, in return, received much wisdom and insight.

So, now - here's Rudy's post from this morning on But I urge you to not only read this particular post, but also each and every post on that Rudy has written. And you can do so by clicking on to the link that follows that passage.

So, here we go:

"I have a general dislike for religion - even if I am a wary participant in it - as I empathize with those who suffer at the hands of believers. But I do see a loving being whom I alternatively call Yah, God, The Father of Lights, Aba Father, The Greatest Most Loving Daddy and Mother of All in the Torah and the New Testament.

"But some of what is written in those texts is not going to make it to the other side. Only Love will (survive). But...I have met a few Christians and Jews.. Muslims too...Hindus... Zoroastrians...Rastafarian's...and even some Atheists who I have admired thus far. And one thing I am certain about from my visit to the other side is that every act of Love they experience (all of them) - and every...Loving intention from everyone is immortal. Love will never die.

"I know there are laws like gravity...look twice before crossing a road... and a bunch of "don't do" this laws. But the "do" laws are the ones that stand out to me as what have the greatest possibility of making it to the other side. These "do" laws came to me as I was contemplating the other side.

"There is a huge artistic endeavor called Love. Do add your part to the bigger picture of who and what Love is. And while those acts of Love you do may be chiseled out of the hard rock of a hard life, with tremendous energy and effort - they don't have to be.

"A gentle look...a kind word...and every little bit of joyful laughter you experience will find itself in the grand masterpiece called Love.

"So while you are dodging traffic and building things that crumble into dust, do look twice at the natural beauty of this world...and do stop and smell the wild roses along the way.

"This sad and dying world will one day go up in flames - and anything less than Love in it will be forgotten. But a new earth is being formed in timelessness. Do your part of sculpting Love in your little corner of your perceptions, I will do mine and we can meet each other on the other side and admire the artwork we the greatest Love story ever told."

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