Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lorraine's Food Factory: The Perfect Choice For Your Holiday Event - or ANY Day

For the last few years I have personally discovered what everyone else on the planet has already known for years:

Lorraine's Food Factory (formerly Lorraine's Lunch Basket) has just about the finest food in the city - if not the world - as she has catered movie, TV and music stars around the globe (including Frank Sinatra, Jerry Seinfeld, Barbra Streisand - even former President Clinton).

I sauntered into Lorraine's awesome establishment (located at 777 Culver Road, at the corner of Main) some 18 months for lunch and was struck numb with a delicious meal. Her homemade pizza (in any of its various forms)? Astounding! Any one of her numerous wraps? Out of this world...ain't no other way to say it.

Since that first encounter (in the summer of 2006), I have had the pleasure of grazing at Lorraine's an assortment of times, either for lunch or dinner. In the meantime, too, I was sure to have Lorraine's cater two major events that I have hosted: My Mom's 85th Birthday celebration last year, and just last week: my own book/music CD signing party.

The food in each case was pristine. The service, top-notch - and the presentation: elegant - to say the least.

I highly recommend Lorraine's Food Factory, as the location itself - or for your personal and/or professional catering needs - this Holiday Season - or at any time during the year.

Click on the link at the bottom of this post for all contact/website/location information for Lorraine's Food Factory - or which see this information here:

777 Culver Road
Rochester, New York 14609
585-442-6574 • 585-442-7818
Catering Line1-800-582-2837

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving At The School "Home" That Love Built

"There's too much love at the end of that dark country road. How could I not make it there for Thanksgiving?"

That's what I told myself last week as I was driving 45 miles down 104 West from Irondequoit to the home of my cousin's George and Sue Borrelli in Waterport, New York. It didn't matter that a mini-snow blizzard had begun, that my Mom's new "personality" (courtesy of her dimentia) was in full-swing, or that it was already dark by the time we made it half way down that long country stretch.

All that mattered, is that we were on our way to spend time with loving family members who gracefully look past my Mom's new "issues" and who, instead, employ a kind of unconditional love that you only see and hear about in the movies.

But this was no movie. This was reality.

Only 10 days before, my cousins' George and Sue, George's sister, Mary, and my new cousin "Flaverelli" - recently married to George's brother Guy, had already attended yet another special family occasion: the signing for my two new books and CD. Here, it was they who made the 45 mile trek from Waterport to Irondequoit - to show their support of their cousin Herbie J.

In return, how could I not then accept George and Sue's beautiful invitation to spend Thanksgiving at their country palace - especially too, because my Mom would have the chance to spend some time with my Aunt Sue (my father's sister).

Oh, sure - for years, I had been telling everyone that my cousins purchased an old church and transformed it into a home. "The spirituality of it all," I thought. "What better place to spend Thanksiving but in a country home that was once an old church."

Come to find out, it's an old former schoolhouse, and not a church. But the lesson experienced was just as heartwarming, kindred and all-embracing as if it was indeed a holy place of worship.

For is not a church a structure built on love? My cousins George and Sue transformed it so - as both are creative and talented in the ways of style and substance (George, in particular, is a brilliant artisan of woodmaking and metals).

Is not a church a place where all feel welcome, and in which no one is judged? Is not a church created of a congregation where all may find solace and acceptance? Does not a church feed those who have hunger in their bellies and ample room in their hearts?

As such, me and my Mom were were fed with all the deliciousness of turkey, stuffing and more that are the traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. But we were also fed with amazing grace - the kind of food that replenishes not only the body, but the mind and the soul.

And even though my Mom may have forgotten most of the evening a mere 30 minutes after she returned home to Irondequoit, her heart - and the huge part of her being that will one day be brought to Heaven - will ever remember it.

As will God.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Herbie J Was A Victim of Identity & Check Fraud

Last month, my identity was stolen off of one of my credit cards. The thief then coded into into my bank account and made hundreds of dollars in purchases. Gratefully, my bank's astounding personnel were on the case, and the situation was resolved.

Last week, I received what I thought was a legitimate check in the mail from an arts organization that grants funding to authors and writers to assist with their artistic endeavors.

The check turned out to be fraudulent and, as a result, my finances were transformed into a complete disarray. So much so that, on the day that I discovered this horrible development, I nearly collapsed into an emotional and physical stuper.

Gratefully, again - my bank has been so wonderfully supportive throughout this latest trauma (and there is no other word for it), that they working with me to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, there are several lessons to be learned here, two of which are as follows:

1] Guard your identity as carefully as possible


2] Don't depend on money for happiness.

The second lesson is a lesson all of us should have learned by now. But right when we think we have it down, a situation (like the one I have just experienced) surfaces to tell us otherwise.

Suffice it to say, when I received what I perceived as that grant check last week, I thought my financial worries were over. On Wednesday, however - when I learned that the check was fraudulent - my financial worries tripled.

I would not wish on anyone the personal and professional trauma that I have gone through over these last few days. It has been one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life.

Please, everyone - guard your identity and your financial transactions with the utmost care, taking every possible precaution beforehand and in preparation of each and every single bank transaction.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letterman Shows Class; Couric, Well...That's A Different Story

According to the LA Weekly, David Letterman and his producers yesterday morning announced to his Late Show staff that they will be paid through the end of the year even though the show isn't on the air during the Writers Strike. "Dave's not doing this to get good press, which is why it hasn't been reported for almost two days," a source revealed to the Weekly. "This is really significant because, as opposed to all of the other shows, this money comes out of Dave's own pocket."

As far as I'm concerned, Dave just went up a few notches on the humanity poll (pole?). Not that I am the Judge of All Humanity (at least, I don't think so).

Meanwhile, as far as judging goes, man - Katie Couric (who I warned two years ago as the poor choice anchor the CBS Evening News), clearly has some ME-ME-ME-Tube issues of her own.

See below links for the details to both Dave and Katie's latest escapades.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here's a brief summary of sci-fi stories I'm in the process of developing into screenplays.



While NASA scientists work on a strategic new device to advance space exploration, astronaut Col. Peter Thomas finds himself with amnesia, abandoned on a barren desert planet. With each attempt to recall any piece of his life or career, he experiences excruciating physical agony, comforted only by a single chalice of water which materializes and then fades from sight upon quenching his thirst. Physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausted, but unable to sleep, Col. Thomas is soon greeted by a somewhat familiar being - The Sandman - a.k.a Alluvias - the mythical Earth figure who helps the sleepless find rest. Alluvias initially emerges as a kindly sort (with great insight into the colonel’s personal childhood memories), but things turn ugly when the Thomas refuses to go to the final resting place. – which apparently, is being commandeered by NASA.


It’s 1885, and astronomer Janez Roman not only designates Earth as the median of the universe, but as a planet that houses an expandable macrocosm of orbs placed within a world-realm. After close observation, Roman concludes that Earth does not orbit any sun or star, but is actually a central dwelling place that represents and sustains not only minute models of other worlds, but is the central core of their very existence. In other words, Earth is a birthing-planet. Unfortunately, Roman also discovers that the matrix for this universal mold center, or macroverse, as he calls it, is in severe degeneration, which means the state of the entire universe is at stake. So he sets out to save it.


A family in Pattenville, Arkansas is dumbfounded when they soon discover their small town devoid of all life, and polluted with what appears to alien carcasses - a domicile allegedly employed as a host-body dumping ground. Not a cemetery as we might know it, but certainly not a place for the living. What's more, there's apparently a method to this madness: the bodies, though not mummified, are arranged in a particular pattern, reminiscent of the Ancient Egyptian tombs - and they are directed toward a massive dark tunnel.


A young widower becomes obsessed with journeying into the past and preventing his wife’s death. His fervor and mission is interrupted, however, when he encounters a time-traveler from the future, who attempts to abort his research. Apparently, the Earth’s very existence depends on the death of this man’s wife. If the couple reconnects, they will eventually bear children who will, in turn, parent those destined to destroy the planet.


Members of a high-power public relations firm begin acting strange, and the company’s CEO orders each to see the company physician, who surmises that “something's wrong,” though she doesn't know exactly what. For further analysis, she suggests employees undertake daily examinations for a two-week period. Unfortunately, the situation only worsens, as the tests prove near fatal, due to doctor’s apparent malpractice - she’s been injecting a subtle form of poison into each employee – because the company’s CEO murdered her father.


Mary Parkins, 9-years-old, goes out to play one day in a neighborhood park, and meets The Gatekeeper, a patriarchal alien designated by The Evolved (a benevolent alien race) to file, categorize, measure and monitor each time someone frequents the park playground. Unhappy with the all-too gradual operation of Earth's scientific developments, the Gatekeeper employs little Mary, and uses her as a conduit to improve humanity’s progression - much, of course, to the chagrin of her parents. Meanwhile, too, the Evolved grow weary of what has become the Gatekeeper's increasing impatience and over-zealous nature. Consequently, they seek to replace him - with Mary.


A team of metaphysicians make a shocking discovery: everyone on the planet is disappearing. Literally. It is soon realized that those who disappear still exist, but in the invisible realm. Beings are present, but unseen. Sensed, but distant. After further inspection, the answer ultimately rests with a new-found, clear-view copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Cousin MICHAEL BORRELLI Stars In Steve Martin's "The Underpants"

My talented and charismatic cousin MICHAEL BORRELLI stars in Steve Martin's The Underpants now on stage in Portland.

Check out the link below, which presents one of his TV interviews during which he chats about the production.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Thank You, Everyone!

This is a very exciting time for me.

I have been waiting more than 15 years to see the publications of my two new books: THE BIONIC BOOK: THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN AND THE BIONIC WOMAN, and LIFE STORY - THE BOOK OF LIFE GOES ON - both of which have just been released by the great people of BearManor Media (presided over by my one-of-kind-publisher Ben Ohmart). Also, too, these books would have never turned out so wonderfully had it not been for my Life Goes On (and NBC & ME) editor Jacki Garfinkel, my Bionic editor Brendan Slattery, and Matt Hankinson - the genius designer behind the covers all three new books - and my first music CD (see below for more info). Along with my previous books on Bewitched and Kung Fu, THE BIONIC BOOK and LIFE STORY set out to prove that popular TV shows can be educational and have a positive influence on society - as well as just being plain fun to watch. Each of the shows that I have profiled through the years have been and remain special to me, and I was fortunate enough to have held exclusive conversations with the many awesome and talented individuals associated with each series. (And please see below for a link to a video clip of my recent TV appearance on Rochester's WHAM-13 Morning Show, when I talk about the new books.)

In the meantime, I am also excited to announce that I have just released my first music CD, entitled, TWO, the songs for which I wrote the music, lyrics and arrangements. But just as with my books, I could not have done any of it had it not been for the correct gathering of a super team, headed by George Schnell, of Rochester's George Schnell Productions. George (on lead guitar and keyboards) and his musical compadres, John Perevich (on base guitar and 12-string, and with whom I graduated from Aquinas Institute in 1978) and Joe Minotti (the super drummer boy on sticks and percussion). George, John and Joe, otherwise known as The Royals, have been a musical staple throughout New York for years - and I was honored to have them appear on the CD. The 12-string guitar rift alone that Johnny P. created (for my song, How Can I Get Close To You) makes the CD worth listening to.

And while I look forward to writing new books and songs, and creating and acting in new TV shows and feature films, I want to thank everyone who has supported my career (and life) over these last many "immortal" years. You all know who you are - and may God=Love bless each and every one of you again and again and again - into the joyful timelessness of forever.

WHAM TV-13 appearance