Friday, November 23, 2007

Herbie J Was A Victim of Identity & Check Fraud

Last month, my identity was stolen off of one of my credit cards. The thief then coded into into my bank account and made hundreds of dollars in purchases. Gratefully, my bank's astounding personnel were on the case, and the situation was resolved.

Last week, I received what I thought was a legitimate check in the mail from an arts organization that grants funding to authors and writers to assist with their artistic endeavors.

The check turned out to be fraudulent and, as a result, my finances were transformed into a complete disarray. So much so that, on the day that I discovered this horrible development, I nearly collapsed into an emotional and physical stuper.

Gratefully, again - my bank has been so wonderfully supportive throughout this latest trauma (and there is no other word for it), that they working with me to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, there are several lessons to be learned here, two of which are as follows:

1] Guard your identity as carefully as possible


2] Don't depend on money for happiness.

The second lesson is a lesson all of us should have learned by now. But right when we think we have it down, a situation (like the one I have just experienced) surfaces to tell us otherwise.

Suffice it to say, when I received what I perceived as that grant check last week, I thought my financial worries were over. On Wednesday, however - when I learned that the check was fraudulent - my financial worries tripled.

I would not wish on anyone the personal and professional trauma that I have gone through over these last few days. It has been one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life.

Please, everyone - guard your identity and your financial transactions with the utmost care, taking every possible precaution beforehand and in preparation of each and every single bank transaction.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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