Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letterman Shows Class; Couric, Well...That's A Different Story

According to the LA Weekly, David Letterman and his producers yesterday morning announced to his Late Show staff that they will be paid through the end of the year even though the show isn't on the air during the Writers Strike. "Dave's not doing this to get good press, which is why it hasn't been reported for almost two days," a source revealed to the Weekly. "This is really significant because, as opposed to all of the other shows, this money comes out of Dave's own pocket."

As far as I'm concerned, Dave just went up a few notches on the humanity poll (pole?). Not that I am the Judge of All Humanity (at least, I don't think so).

Meanwhile, as far as judging goes, man - Katie Couric (who I warned two years ago as the poor choice anchor the CBS Evening News), clearly has some ME-ME-ME-Tube issues of her own.

See below links for the details to both Dave and Katie's latest escapades.



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