Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Hidden Britney Signs of Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger's slow and yet sudden death was and remains tragic.

Britney Spears' downfall is salvagable, as long as she remains alive.

Britney's troubled signs are clear.

Heath's were not so clarified - at least not for the general public and media.

In my personal perspective, however, something never seemed right. His hair was always greasy-looking; he looked pale, ever anxious, sweaty. And the next time I notice such traits in a public figure, family member or friend, I'm calling them on it...doing so just may save their lives.

That's why I commend Dr. Phil for making the effort to communicate and serve as a liaison of light for the Spears family. A lot of people had issues with Dr. Phil's actions. But I didn't. He did what he thought was right. He stepped up to the plate - and he was crucified - which of course reminds us of how much Jesus the Christ suffered. Whether or not it was the Christians or the Jews who were responsible for his death, the point is: nobody stopped it from happening. At least Dr. Phil was attempting to prevent Britney's death. Nobody else seemed too concerned with doing that - even with the transparent signs of Britney's slow potential suicide.

But again, what about those like Heath Ledger? We had not heard anything about him on or Entertainment Tonight since last spring, really - when he split with actress Michelle Williams - the lovely mother of his child, and the co-star of the groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain. Other than his been cast as The Joker in the upcoming Batman feature film sequel, The Dark Knight, the Heath Ledger rumor mill was silent and calm. Until just a few days ago.

While we were all worried about Britney, Heath's life and death snuck up on us, and hit us hard. We expected the unfortunate demise of Britney - and I pray she leaves this world, at peace, way into her 90s.

But we didn't foresee Heath's passing - and if we did, would we have somehow prevented it?

I didn't - even after I sensed something was wrong.

That all said, Britney Spears is still alive - and so are a billion more of us on this planet.

Let's all work together in loving kindness and awareness to keep it that way.

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