Friday, January 25, 2008

Live Your A-Life - and Let Your Light SHINE!

Live not your life in mediocrity - live it to the fullest at whatever stage you be.

You want your own TV show? Then you should have it. Have a great idea for a new household product? Then you should develop it. Want to create your own field of dreams? Then you should build it.

But don't wait around for others to encourage you. Encourage yourself. Don't wait for investors to invest in your idea before you move forward. Invest in it yourself. The time has come for you to live your A-Life. If you want to teach, then teach. If you want to serve, then serve. If you want to sweep floors, then sweep - but make it a clean sweep - and teach with integrity and serve with dignity.

Do all you can do with the life skills that you were created with, and that which you developed since birth. Scold not others, nor sit in judgment of them. Allow the layers of weariness to fall off you, and melt to the wayside as you march on towards your path of self-fulfillment. Become a magnet of success, have everything you touch turn to gold - and then turn around and share your wealth, be it of mind, heart or pocketbook.

Become a Beacon of Light to which others run not walk. Open your soul, and be generous with your spirit. You will be blessed because of it - because you have chosen to live your A-Life and to let your Light shine.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your higher self has been whispering in your ear...