Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What If Woody Allen Ran The World?

If I were African-American would I vote for Obama? If I were a woman would I vote for Hillary? If I were an Republican Italian would I vote for Guiliani?

How about just voting for the right man or woman for the job?

What happened to that?

What happened to integrity? What happened to keeping your head while the world loses theirs? Or mature adults not resorting to name-calling? Obama and Hillary don't seem to know squat about any of that.

What do I look for in a leader? A president? A boss?

Someone stable. Someone who remains calm in the eye of the storm. Someone I could admire. Someone who doesn't place fear in my heart or in the conscience of my country or my planet. Someone who believes in uniting the world through diplomacy and not dividing it by war. Battles, be they between hemispheres or individuals solve nothing but falsely inflate failing economies that were initially destroyed by their leaders to suit and sustain personal needs or class-levels.

It's hard not to judge the personal lives of any candidate - just as easy it is to condemn the ignorance of say, Woody Allen, who wedded and continues to bed his step-daughter. Though I choose not to support his talent nor his art, and certainly do not condone his extremely poor choices for lovers, that does not make him a bad director. In fact, as a director and a writer - and to some extent, an actor - he's quite superior. Unfortunately, off the set, he's a mentally-challenged human being who clearly never received proper counseling.

At least we have one thing for which to be grateful:

Woody Allen is not running for president. Yet considering the alternatives, he might just as well be. In effect, Woody may do a better job of "directing" the country than the seemingly-sane, inter-outer-party-fighting, name-calling cry-babies and alleged "leaders" named Obama, Hillary and Guiliani.

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Dr. Rus Jeffrey said...

I love it Herbie!

Woody Allen for president! Where can I get a button?

I love your insights too. :-)

Dr. Rus