Friday, March 28, 2008

Return to Greenleaf Meadows

Come May 1st, I will be moving back to Greenleaf Meadows, where I lived, off and on, from when I was 17 to 38-years-old. And here's why I'm moving back...

My Mom, who used to live close by, has now moved to an assisted living facility - and there simply is no reason to stay where I am.

Meanwhile, Greenleaf almost equals the distance of where I am now to my Mom's new apartment. Greenleaf is prepping an all-new apartment for me - with mini-blinds and a storage room downstairs. So, I don't have to buy new window treatments and I don't have to have all my excess stuff laying around the apartment like I do now.

What's more, Greenleaf is a happy, nostalgic, peaceful place for me, close to the beach, where I can resume my daily walks - which I was doing anyway last summer. But instead of me DRIVING to the pier from where I am now, and then doing my daily walk, I can now just walk from Greenleaf.

Also, I can now at least start hanging around a younger crowd at, for example, Greenleaf's gym - which has just been fitted with new equipment. Again. Not to mention that this gym and the walking in the FRESH air - will help me to get back in shape.

What's even more...the rent at Greenleaf is very reasonable - and less than what I've been paying.

Either way, this move isn't forever. I'm only signing a ten-month lease - and I'm simply looking at it this way:

I'll be spending the Spring, Summer and Fall in a vacation spot that will allow me to chill out a little bit after all the challenges that I've been through over these last nine years (and specificallay these last three). And then, God=Love-willing, by the time the ten-month lease is up, I will have my finances together to actually purchase a home or condo. If not, I will remain in a happy, clean, busy and yet peaceful and welcoming atmosphere of one of my childhood homes - for a little bit longer - or until something better comes.

In the meantime, who says you can't go home again?

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Anonymous said...

Things will work out the way they are supposed to work out.

They always do.

Stay close.

Tom Zapiecki said...


I guess you're turning over a new "green" leaf!

Enjoy this precious world.

Herbie J Pilato said...

Indeed, I am, Tom...and indeed I will ("...enjoy this precious world").

Thank you for your observations and insightful words.