Monday, March 10, 2008

What The Heck Happened To My "TV Land"?

High School Reunion?

Feature films?

Just Shoot Me?


Where is the joyful nostalgic programming that was once my classic TV safe haven? Where is the cozy-comfy appeal that once drew me back to watching television (after ABC cancelled The Wonder Years)? What the heck has happened to my TV Land?

Where is the unique voice and confidence that was once a vast taste land with graced with the many likes of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, Petticoat Junction and The Andy Griffith Show? Andy is still around periodically, and than the Good Lord, so is I Love Lucy and Leave It To Beaver. But something's wrong with those shows, too - or at least the way they are aired. Now, too many episodes are screened in a row, and the variety airings are far and few between. Also, too, these wonderful perennials are littered by the weeds of dreadful contemporary programming such as the aforementioned High School Reunion or the mean-spirited Just Shoot Me.

Of course I understand TVL's need to join the reality fold. But with such Survivor-esque angles as presented on HSR? What may have started out as a wonderfully warm and nostalgic idea (to gather everyday former high-schoolers from a past-prime-time) has now turned into cut-throat.

Just Shoot Me is a very funny show - and all the movies that TV Land airs are equally entertaining for what they are. But they do not belong on TV Land. USA, and maybe Bravo and A&E. But not TV Land.

TV Land should be home only to Rob and Laura Petrie, Barney, Opie and Aunt Bee, Lucy and Ricky, George and Weezie Jefferson and 'natch, Samantha and Darrin.

I used to escape the stress and periodic cynicism of the real world, and run to TV Land - just like I did when I was a kid....just like I did when I first found Bewitched - in the midst of race rioting, the Vietnam War newscasts, and being picked on every day because I was a beautiful, sweet child.

Looking for comfort in the edgy wit of David Spade somehow just doesn't measure up to magic embrace of Elizabeth Montgomery.

That said, maybe one of Samantha's incantations might help to turn the situation around? We can at least try. So here we go:

TV Land come back to me...
Become the media mosaic...
That you used to be.

TV Land come set us free.


Did the spell work?


Dr. Rus Jeffrey said...

Hey Herbie!

I'm with you on this one yet again. We've been lamenting the demise of TVLand in our house too. How many times do they have to show "The Breakfast Club"?

Dr. RUs

Anonymous said...

YES YES! I remember when I could always count on finding something to watch on TV Land. They were playing shows no one else would! Now High School Reunion?? I HATE THAT SHOW! I can't even tolerate the commercials for it, that song! I run for the remote. I was surprised to see movies on TV Land. I almost never watch the channel anymore :(

James Greek said...

Yeah you are so freaking right! I remmember when TV Land on occasion would air short-lived sitcoms such as Ferris Bueller and Coming of Age! The best thing they had in their history however is TV Land's Ultimate Fan Search which was an annual TV Trivia game show. I am over 18 now and I saw myself as the next Malcolm Bondon or Paul Goebel but It's gone because people don't care anymore

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing this!! I cannot stand TV Land anymore. You are so right about the homeyness being gone. Why can't we have a nice, decent, relaxed place to come to in this messed-up world? I used to be able to find something to watch most of the time. Now good-old Andy and funny Lucy used as fillers between stupid shows which seem like skits from Acting 101 and containing subject matter unsuitable for children or decent adults. If I wanted to see 'reality' nonsense, badly-acted sitcoms, or trashy movies I could pick any number of channels available today. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL TV LAND!!