Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Top Ten Favorite Living Performers Who Never Have To Prove Anything Ever Again

Those in the artistic world seek to accomplish, to showcase, and share leave a mark.

The following list of performers have already done so - and never have to prove anything ever again - as they have earned our eternal and immediate applause:

1] Al Pacino and Robert Deniro: Two superior talents of equal measure, nature, diversity and passion for their art.

2] Brian Wilson: The angels instruct, and he listens and plays.

3] John Travolta: A sizzling talent who has returned to the screen, time and time again, with frequent, successful, reinventive and stellar comebacks.

4] Paul McCartney: The Global Idol to whom we shall forever be indebted for Yesterday - and about a billion other sounds of Light and musical grace.

5] Reba McEntire: Does it all...with a heart of gold - on screen and off.

6] Farrah Fawcett: Brought back glamour, beauty, sophistication, talent and timeless charisma to a once sadly and dimless Tinseltown.

7] Stephen King: The King of the written word, indeed.

8] Dick Van Dyke: Ain't nobody, no-where, no-how has does so much, so right, for so long, and on so many levels - in the areas of voice, dance, music, theatre, TV, film; pure dramatic, comedic and vibrant gold.

9] Jerry Seinfeld: Where would we all be without his genius insight into mainstream, everyday observation?

10] Michael Caine: The actor's actor...the people's actor...the best any category.

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