Monday, June 29, 2009

The Carefree Spirit Reins: Live Life Fully By Laughing

My friend, client and "Near-Death-Experiencer" Rudy Anderson just received acknolwedgement inthe Hall of Fame at (Near-Death-Experience Forum) with his essay on laughter and a long life, which ultimately acknowledges the benefit of retaining a carefree spirit - and not letting anything or anyone get your goat.

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Herbie J :)


"The average 5 year old in the U.S. laughs 400 times per day. The average adult laughs 15 times."

"An adult is just a deteriorating child."

- Ashley MontagueMore:

In the 90's, the life expectancy of Japanese CEOs dying there was an amazing low...51 years of age... Guess how many times they laughed a day?


If, to enter the Kingdom of God... we are to be as children... perhaps we should not take ourselves, our goofy bodies and our work so seriously.

In my NDE.... I was shown... in my life review... how work...without compassion...eating... and pooping... were just fast forwarded past...left in the dust bin of what is cast as far as the East is from West is far... and remembered no more.... where time ends...But the moments of joyful laughter and awe that comes from the natural beauty ofthe world... those moments when we shined... or when we delighted in one another...those frozen in time moments... when we comforted another... or we were comforted...the gentle kindnesses shared... these are the building blocks of the 5th world....Laughter is but one window into what the new earth will be built upon.

Though we spend our whole lives helping the needy, sick, poor, and we forget to smile or laugh... we may fail to get those moments into our final life review. If we turn it all into a job, then it may only be work for this world and not the next.

I am not saying that compassionate, meaningful work will not make it in. It will. What I am trying to say is that, as a opposed to cruel laughter, a peaceful smile binds our actions to our soul...joyful laughter is a thread that givesour hearts a reason to sing... helps us stay in this world to do the important work wepenned before we fell into our pain bodies.

Though we fail at our dreams givento us by God herself... though everything we should do to impress God crashes to the ground.

If we laughed in the face of our own failures... if we gave a deep down belly laugh... when the dark clouds of the storm began to encircle us...and we laugh... and smiled... knowing that our laughter and smiles dispel the illusions of doom...even if momentarily... the gloom will dissipate.

These are moments the Being of Light I met.... in the place I call Heaven... admires. He was so happy to see me... She was so glad for my return. Te love that embraced my tiny little life was that of a proud father... a most caring mother... and yes God who is love laughed...with a deep down belly laugh... and the angels smiled and sang... while my tangled and broken body was smashing through theglass... rolling in that cornfield.

In my NDE... I met the best mother... the most wonderful father... that just loved me because I was his son... I was her child... and she marveled at the least little moment of joy that I showed her.... he delighted in my least littlevictory over fear..

I have never felt so truly loved... but I came back to that broken body....that bloody corpse... and gave it life again...I know I am the fool... but I still do remarkable things some days... and I smile...I know I entered a body with a mind that is muddled and dull... but my spirit is a mountain of love...that makes its way through the dense gray matter that was never wired to fit into this world... Not belonging inthis world... but having returned to it anyway... I could just sit and cry...waiting for my demise... but instead... from time to time... I laugh.

I have broken my neck three times... but today my neck is fine... I feel no pain... and though I want to go home there... I have resigned myself to being here... doing my best to bring as much there here as my mean body will allow... laughing when I fail...but getting upeach morning... before the cars begin to roar... dogs begin to yelp.... sometime seven before the birds begin the first chirping of the day... and I start tapping into that quiet still voice and smile... because I know I am loved.

And so is the Light in you... and everyone that has a soul... and even for those who have no souls... when they imitate the love they see in those who love...While we are on the journey back home... a smile and laughter is the best way I know how... to get on God's radar.

By the end of the day... it is harder tosmile... but it is is my journey today... to smile and laugh anyway.

Love, Light, & Joyful Laughter

Rudy Anderson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael and Farrah and Love

Today the world lost two of the most iconic performers the entertainment industry ever delivered in the guise of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Farrah brought glamour back to Hollywood - and Michael nearly singled-handedly saved the music industry, time and time again.

No way, no where, no how was there any one more beautiful and charismatic and sweet all rolled into one, on a global scale, than Farrah.

No way, no where, no how was there any one more talented, period, than Michael.

Each of them lived a thousand lives in one life time...they each gave so much of themselves...and brought so much Light to the world. Yes, they both suffered their personal tragedies and challenges, but the joy they offered was immense. And when they were done doing what they came here to do, they left. It's that simple.

Just as with David Carradine and Ed McMahon, or any of those who we have known, on a global or personal scale, who have passed into spirit.

I know, in my heart of hearts - for a FACT, that there is a Heaven. I know this as a fact, because I give, feel and experience LOVE every day - and have for years. And God IS Love...and God Lives in Heaven, so Heaven is in our Hearts, where Love lives.

Read it again and again, if you have to, until you get it: because it's the truth.

God IS Love. God Lives In Heaven. And Heaven is in our Hearts, where Love lives.

In the meantime, while we attempt to uncover Heaven on Earth through Love, I would so very kindly request that we now listen to the message that Michael and Farrah have been trying to tell us for years. And that message is this:

When we see any particular friend, family member or co-worker who may seem out of sorts, or who may look like they need a helping hand, or are struggling in some way, please...please don't wait until they pass away. Love them NOW.

Help them now.

If you know of someone with a substance abuse...or who is struggling with some personal trauma...or who needs a job...or who has just separated from their lover...please...reach out to them. Take them out to dinner. Tell them a joke. Give them, don't lend them - but GIVE them money if they're having a hard time. And as I have posted previously on this blog, BE THE REASON they succeed - in however they name their success.

Open your heart to them.

Don't let another soul you love leave this world without showing them how much you love them...or telling them how much you love them...or proving to them how much you love them.

And if you see that they are falling, then pick them up.

Scratch that - RISE them up.

Let your Love for them sustain them. Let your Love for them be enough.

Give them a reason to succeed...and again, BE THE REASON they succeed.

And BE THE REASON they get off drugs, stop drinking, or not have their cars towed away and/or not go hungry.

Feed their stomachs...their hearts... and their bank books.

I've done it, and I will always do it. And if anyone reading this needs anything, and everyone else you have gone to has turned you away, then you call me up...because everything I have is yours.

I'm not worried about Farrah and Michael anymore. They're fine.

But if you want me to worry about you, I will. And then after I help you, I won't worry anymore.

My unconditional love for you will free me from that worry...and will help to free you for whatever concerns you have, too.

With Blessings, Light and Love...know that you can depend on me.

Herbie J

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Simple But Fond Tribute To Ed McMahon

I fondly remember Ed McMahon as an "unaffected" great guy who walked the halls of NBC Burbank, with a conscious effort to remember your name and say a kind "Hello." Heaven has him now, and Hollywood needs more like him.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be A Good Father To YOURSELF

If you are fortunate enough to have a wonderful father, as I was, Happy Father's Day. If you are fortunate enough to BE a wonderful father, Happy Father's Day. If you are fortunate enough to KNOW a wonderful father, Happy Father's Day. And if you are fortunate enough to realize that you are ultimately a wonderful father to YOURSELF, Happy Father's Day.

Indeed, my Dad, Herbie "Pompeii" Pilato (who passed into spirit on April 7th, 1995), was a great man. And he remains a great soul, who today is guiding me and helping me in ways that he was unable to do so when he was on Earth.

And if anyone could have been a movie star, it could have been my Dad. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and he was beautiful and fit. A lifeguard in his early days, and athletic throughout his 83 years, he looked like a cross between Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jimmy Cagney, and Frank Sinatra - all to whom his friends comparied him at variant times in his life.

My Dad was uneducated, but wise. He was uneducated because he lost his mother at an early age and, as the oldest out of three boys, and with having three sisters, he was forced to quit school at an early age, and became the "father figure" for each of his siblings.

Indeed, my Dad did everything he could for his brothers and sisters. And later in life, he did everything he could for me, my sister Pamela Rose (whose middle name belonged to my Dad's Mom), and my beautiful mother, Frances Turri Pilato (who passed away on May 5th, 2008).

Both my Mom and Dad raised me to make certain I had a good heart. And they both encouraged my particular theatrical abilities. I recall my Dad, in particular, saying, time and again, "This kid's got talent. TALENT!"

And yes, I, like the rest of us, have talent. And my particular talents happen to be of the theatrical nature...singing, dancing, acting and writing, and so forth.

But what do I consider my strongest talents?

My compassion. My child's heart. My humanity. My ability to not only care for 0thers, but for myself; to in effect, be a "father" to myself. Those such talents, along with my theatrical abilities, came to me from the the Father/Mother of us all, the God of Love, by way of my beautiful Earthly Father and Mother.

And the phrase, "eternally grateful," has never been so appropriated employed as I am about to employ it now.

For I am eternally grateful for the love I receive from the God of Love, the Love I receive from my Mother and Father and the true unselfish self-Love and self-respect I retain.

The Commandment, "Honor Thy Father and Mother," does not just mean to respect our parents while they are with you are Earth. "Honor Thy Father and Mother" also means to honor the LIFE God gave us through our mortal live our lives as fully and as kindly as be everything we were born to be in this world...and to share and encourage others to live as fully as well.

Should you not have had such a positive experience with your Earthly parents as I have, then you still have the opportunity to parent forgive them as any true loving-kind parent the God of Love has ALREADY forgiven you, time and time again.

In fact, with true forgiveness there is no need to forgive. Because to forgive implies that there is condemnation. And with the true God of Love there is no condemnation. So, it's better to say to know that you are simply and truly and UNCONDITIONALLY loved by the God of Love...and now you can do the same for YOURSELF. Be a true Mother/Father to YOURSELF...and love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY

So again, if you are fortunate enough to have a wonderful father, as I was, Happy Father's Day. If you are fortunate enough to BE a wonderful father, Happy Father's Day. If you are fortunate enough to KNOW a wonderful father, Happy Father's Day. And if you are fortunate enough to know and realize that you are ultimately a wonderful YOURSELF, Happy Father's Day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Retain The Child's Heart and Live The LIGHT You Were Born To Live

I have a child's heart. And I'm proud of it. It's what kept me happy in the saddest of times; it's what's brought me to the TV when I was a kid and to LA, time and again, when I became an adult. The child's heart has inspired my career, my thoughts, allowed me friends and insight that would otherwise (translated as "not wise") not be available. It frequently delivers to me the carefree spirit that strengthens me in the weakest of situations, and raptures my soul with creative thoughts and words, such as this, my favorite and most workable and productive response to any life challenge: "It's's alright. No problem."

We ALL must retain the child's heart. We have been instructed to do so for thousands of years, instructed by great masters like Jesus and Buddah...and so many more.

Such great souls have told us throughout time that we should "retain the child's heart" and given us direction as to how "the children shall lead."

They mean this not just for the young of body...but for the young of heart...which, again, we ALL have the ability to retain.

Our bodies and minds are infused and GUIDED by an energetic LIGHT that LIVES within each of us. We need to listen to it more...and follow through.


By being great leaders.

By keeping our heads, while others lose theirs.

By being calm in the midst of the storm.

And by responding to EVERY situation with the miracle-working phrase, "It's's problem."

That all said, I'd like to share with you a quite beautiful and brilliant poem from the 12-year-old son of a very good friend of mine named Sheryl Boehm Sutton. Her insightful-beyond-his-years son is named Shane, who is clearly "working with the Light."

So, here now is Shane's knowledge of the Light that he's shining upon all of us to "see."

From Their Beacon Of Light To Their Midnight Sun

by Shane Sutton

In a place where dark has control over Light
Who's to say there's no sympathy?
Like Ying and Yang - there is Light in the dark.
So the people that live there may shine;
With their glimmer of hope,
Their beacon of Light.
Extinguished fire produces ember,
The ever so gloomy light shines and gives people glory.
It crackles after burning then finally dies out.
But it lasted until the midnight sun had risen.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Business or Personal Agendas Are The Same

There is no core difference between the way you pursue and attain business or personal goals.
Both agendas must employ and embrace respect, clarified focus, integrity, good-intentions and, above all else, kindness.

And most of all, in either case, you must somehow give more than you receive.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Leave Your Competitive Spirit Behind And Become A "Contributor"

You are "up against" no one.

What you do has absolutely no "relationship" to what others do.

At least as how we have come to define "relationship" in the past.

Your journey is your journey. Their journey is their journey.

The prosperity of the Universe is vast, and there is an overflowing amount of Success and Love and Joy for everyone.

The "pie" is huge, and there are countless pieces of it for each of us.

And yet there is no division between any of us.

Live your life and work your work with this formula:


We may have lived competitive lives in the past - and competition may have been part of the game of life. And that once worked. But now there is a new consciousness on the rise in the world.

Today, you are on a NEW journey. A journey of sharing...a journey of making the world a better place for everyone. You are now helping to make individuals and the Earth's combined soul stronger and healthier in every way.

You are now a major CONTRIBUTOR to the world. Not a competitor.

Those who you view as your competitors - are actually your co-contributitors. And you must be happy for them. You must even be happy those who may be MORE successful than you. Your joyful feelings for others will increase YOUR good feelings for YOURSELF...and YOUR prosperity will increase.

Anyone is able to offer sympathy for those less fortunate. But true kindness is expressed when you can be happy for the person ABOVE you - when you are at the top. And you are indeed at the top of YOUR game. Because you only have YOUR game. Everyone else has THEIR game.

Let them win theirs and you win yours.

There is no competition.

In the realm of TRUE Joy, Success and Love - competition does not exist.

Embrace who you are...emrbace what you do...share your heart and your for and - about - others...with a JOYFUL spirit - and send Light and Blessings to everyone along the way, each step of the way.

What's more - do not merely help people to succeed - but BE THE REASON they succeed.

In turn, your own success will be multiplied, tenfold - and you will "win" every time.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

The passing of David Carradine

As the author of The Kung Fu Book of Caine and The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom, I came to know David Carradine quite well. My fondest memory of him is when I served as producer of Bravo's five-part series, "The 100 Greatest TV Characters." Certainly, I insisted that David's iconic portrayal of "Kwai Chang Caine" on "Kung Fu" be included on this list. I also requested that I personally pick David up at this home, and drive him to the interview, which I conducted. Long story, short. David got in my car, and within seconds, he was playing the famous "flute" he had used on the show as Caine - and which he was bringing to the interview for an on-camera effect. But before we got to the studio to tape his segment on Caine, there we were, driving down Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. With me in the driver seat, and David up in the front passenger seat - playing his flute.

Bless you, David - and your unique and substantial contribution to entertainment industry - and the world.