Monday, June 15, 2009

Retain The Child's Heart and Live The LIGHT You Were Born To Live

I have a child's heart. And I'm proud of it. It's what kept me happy in the saddest of times; it's what's brought me to the TV when I was a kid and to LA, time and again, when I became an adult. The child's heart has inspired my career, my thoughts, allowed me friends and insight that would otherwise (translated as "not wise") not be available. It frequently delivers to me the carefree spirit that strengthens me in the weakest of situations, and raptures my soul with creative thoughts and words, such as this, my favorite and most workable and productive response to any life challenge: "It's's alright. No problem."

We ALL must retain the child's heart. We have been instructed to do so for thousands of years, instructed by great masters like Jesus and Buddah...and so many more.

Such great souls have told us throughout time that we should "retain the child's heart" and given us direction as to how "the children shall lead."

They mean this not just for the young of body...but for the young of heart...which, again, we ALL have the ability to retain.

Our bodies and minds are infused and GUIDED by an energetic LIGHT that LIVES within each of us. We need to listen to it more...and follow through.


By being great leaders.

By keeping our heads, while others lose theirs.

By being calm in the midst of the storm.

And by responding to EVERY situation with the miracle-working phrase, "It's's problem."

That all said, I'd like to share with you a quite beautiful and brilliant poem from the 12-year-old son of a very good friend of mine named Sheryl Boehm Sutton. Her insightful-beyond-his-years son is named Shane, who is clearly "working with the Light."

So, here now is Shane's knowledge of the Light that he's shining upon all of us to "see."

From Their Beacon Of Light To Their Midnight Sun

by Shane Sutton

In a place where dark has control over Light
Who's to say there's no sympathy?
Like Ying and Yang - there is Light in the dark.
So the people that live there may shine;
With their glimmer of hope,
Their beacon of Light.
Extinguished fire produces ember,
The ever so gloomy light shines and gives people glory.
It crackles after burning then finally dies out.
But it lasted until the midnight sun had risen.

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