Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Retro Media Thoughts

I think Dimension Films and Universal Studios need to work out their "Cyborg"/"Six Million Dollar Man" "Bionic" issues and properly bring "Steve Austin" and "Jaime Sommers" to the big screen.

I think Lynda Carter should have a signifcant role in the "Wonder Woman" feature film, which should feature a complete UNKNOWN in the lead as "Diana Prince."

I think Tom Welling and "Smallvile" should just morph into the "Superman" feature film franchise.

I think Keanu Reeves should play "Kwai Chang Caine" in the "Kung Fu" feature film (now in pre-development at Warner Bros.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Life Goes On," "Bionics" and "NBC & ME"

Herbie J Pilato invites you to read all about the original Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman in THE BIONIC BOOK via

Herbie J Pilato invites you to celebrate all of NBC Page-dom with NBC & ME: MY LIFE AS A PAGE IN A BOOK via

Herbie J Pilato invites you to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the debut of TV's "Life Goes On" with his book, LIFE Story: The Book of LIFE GOES ON: TV's First and Best Family Show of Challenge

Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for Answers? Here ya' go!

My friend and client Rudy Anderson has nicely summarized his Near-Death Experience on I am working with Rudy (a.k.a "Rudenski") on a book about his NDE. The book will be amazing.

But for now, here is the summary of his NDE which, again, he has placed on It's followed below by a direct link at And then, once you're at the link, Rudy's NDE is fully spelled out in five additional, consecutive links.



"A NDE or Near Death Experience usually refers to a person who dies and their soul leaves their body and goes to the other side. I was in a terrible car crash, while I was in the army... As my car began rolling into a corn field, I experienced what many NDE experiencers go through... My life flashed before my eyes... I had a life review. It was like a 3 D Movie of my whole life... In the movie, I was shown my whole life from just outside of my body. Not everyone will remember their life review in a NDE but one day they will... when the body they live in dies for good... but there is nothing to fear...

In my life review, I learned about what is important... the times we spend with family and friends... enjoying each other's company... times we spend enjoying nature or admiring some aspect of the world around us... times when we help someone out with kind intentions... anything done with kindness, joy, and or affection... these are the times I saw that were important in my NDE///

What is not important were things like eating, working for money, pooping, sex, and other biological functions meant to keep our body alive that do not nourish the soul... they were all just fast forwarded past... and forgotten... From my NDE, I learned that we have to do things to keep our body happy but we should also be trying to get as much into our life review as possible/// so enjoy life, family, friends, nature... Laugh as much as possible... find reasons to smile.. be kind to others.. Live as if every moment of your life was being filmed... because it is... and try to get as much of your life into the final edit as you can... because that is who and what you are... the you that lived in your body... into who and what is love..."

- by Rudy Anderson (via

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remagining "Samantha" and "Darrin" for the next "Bewitched" feature film

Besides a great story, retaining the mythology of the original series, and hiring the right director, one of the most important aspects of re-imagining the "Bewitched" feature film franchise, of course, is the casting.

Here are a few of my ideas:

Either retain Nicole Kidman and replace Will Ferrell with Jim Carrey, or cast Joanne Garcia and Steve Howey (both from "Reba") as "Samantha" and "Darrin," or cast complete unknowns in the lead roles (surrounded by an A-List of supporting actors).

Ruling the Universe

I am aware of the many "rules" of life. And make every attempt to obey them. But I am adament about one in particular:

"Mean what you say - and say what you mean."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Listen To Your Telephone Man - And Discover Your TRUE Talents

March 2004 -

I had just completed work as one of the producers of Bravo's hit five-part series, "The 100 Greatest TV Characters." I had then telephoned Nora Ephron in New York about her assignment as screenwriter and director of the "Bewitched" feature film. As I was responsible for having Nicole Kidman cast in the movie's lead, I offered my further services as a consultant on the movie. A few weeks later, I sat down with Nora and her production team - and it was a good meeting. Though the movie did not ultimately perform as well as I had hoped, and though Nora did not fully embrace all of my suggestions, the film still went on to make money for the studio (Sony) - and to keep "Bewitched" alive.

I was promised that my book, "Bewitched Forever," would be displayed in the movie, and I was offered a small part in the film. But I had to return to Rochester to care for my Mom.

Upon my return to Rochester, I moved into an apartment close-by to my Mom. The building's management had completely remodeled it for me, and it was quite beautiful. More importantly, it allowed me easy access to caring for my Mom. Meanwhile, too, I still had work to do on my "Bionic Book," the "Life Goes On" companion book, and "NBC & ME: My Life As A Page In A Book."

As a writer, I am able to work anywhere. So, it was all good.

Still, I had a measure of apprehension in returning to Rochester - and giving up "my dream"...and my "talents."

But that would all change after one little conversation with the telephone man.

For one reason or another, as this man, who I had never met, starting installing my new telephone and telephone service in my new apartment - he felt compelled to reveal a message to me. He had noticed that I was somewhat despondent.

"Sir," he began to ask. "You seem to be troubled?"

"I am," I replied.

"What is the problem?"

"Well, now that you've asked, I feel that I have given up my dreams. I have all of these talents...and yet, here I am - back in Rochester, at 44-years-old - and far from Los Angeles, where I should be. As a writer, an actor, an author, a singer, a dancer, a TV producer - I need to be in LA. I am not properly employing my talents."

"Sir, if I may say - you are incorrect."


"When we just met a moment ago, you talked to me like you have known me my whole life. You mentioned your talents as a writer and actor...but one of your great your ability to communicate. To be kind. That is evident more than anything else. Your talents are not just what you do, but WHO YOU ARE. And from what I can see, Sir. You're a fine human being. You are considerate and polite. Those traits outweigh whatever other talents you may display."

I was stunned to silence - and embarrassed. How could I be so foolish.

Though I am no angel, I do indeed make every attempt to be as kind as I can - whenever I can - and wherever I go. I don't always accomplish this. And I have not always accomplished this in the past. But I wake up every day, and ask myself, "What am I able to do today that will make some kind of contribution to the world?"

Not only that, staying in Rochester, of course, allowed me to care for my Mom, who remains a beautiful soul. And I knew in my heart of hearts, that no matter how long I care for her - God, the Universe, or however we choose to call the Creator of Love, would never abandon me or my dreams or my talents.

Especially, now - that I was reminded of some of my TRUE talents.

Indeed, I will never forget the true communication I received from my telephone man -who delivered to me a very special "wake-up" call.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Am The Happiest When I Sing

Yes, I would love to one day reimagine "Bewitched" on the big-screen. And I will absolutely keep on writing (in every form) and serving wherever I am needed as a creatuve consultant and life-coach. And I will completely embrace starring in my own one-hour TV drama. But I am the happiest when I sing.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ABC-TV Has The Potential To Save The World with "Bewitched" and "The Bionic Woman"

ABC should start a new tradition among the original three broadcast networks:


Starting in the Fall, ABC should air original episodes (in seasonal, chronolgoical order, week by the week) of their classic shows, such as Bewitched, The Bionic Woman and Love, American Style - and ABC should air them in the exact original day and time slot in which that originally aired.

And NOT TV Land. NOT TBS. NOT WGN America.

But the ORIGINAL NETWORK who aired the originl show in the first place.

Considering the increasing appeal of the retro audience, this would be a HUGE thing for the networks to do.

For example, ABC could air:

Bewitched - on Thursday, 9:00 PM.

The Bionic Woman, Wednesday, 8:00 PM.

Love, American Style, Friday, 10:00 PM.

And then have CBS and NBC follow with "reruns" of their own classic shows.

And again, not just as a one-time airing, but have the original first season of say, The Bionic Woman, run in succession, week by week - straight, in a row.

The Big Three could start out with just one show, and then do entire evenings of program (Sat, CBS: All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, The Carol Burnett Show).

The ratings for such "specials" would go THROUGH THE ROOF.

or as the kids say today, the ratings would be "Off the hook."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Send Each Other Flowers Now

I think it's wonderful that the Television Academy has granted Farrah an Emmy nomination for "Farrah's Story." I just wish someone would have acknowledged her - and helped to straighten her out - when she was ALIVE - after the David Letterman debacle - and way before the cancer (which might not have come had she received help in other areas years before).

Either way, let's stop giving each other flowers after we leave this world.

And let's start planting new seeds of loving-kindness with one another - every second - while we we're full of life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Help Courtney Love...

...before we lose her like we lost Michael and Farrah.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maria's Memory of My Mom and St. Peter and Paul's

As many of you may be aware, I attended St. Peter and Paul's elementary school on Brown Street in the 1960s and early 1970s. I made many wonderful lifelong friends while attending St. Pete's, including Carmella Gallina and Maria Burleigh. Maria and I recently befriended one another on Facebook, and she recently shared with me a wonderful memory of not only St. Pete's (when I played "Snoopy" in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown") - but of my Mom. I'd like now to share that memory with you all (see below).

With blessings and Light!

Herbie J


Maria's Memory of My Mom - and More.

"You're mom was always at school attending all our functions. She would dress so elegantly...remember? And she smelled so sweet. She had such an aura about her even back then. Like she was an angel. That's how I remember her. I thought you had the most beautiful mom and she shone even brighter when she looked at you. Remember 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'? And Ms. Vigna teaching us all the words to 'Jesus Christ Superstar'? Anyway, your mom and my mom were there when we did the 'Charlie Brown' play and she was beaming...Snoopy! Luv ya!

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Big YES...

That's what Heaven is like...and what we are each able to bring to Earth.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Love You More Than Anyone Was Never Brave Enough To Love Michael Or Farrah

I love you more than anyone was never brave enough to love Michael or Farrah. I love you enough to recommend that you remove yourself from any form of substance abuse. It has no place in your life. And it has no place in mine. It serves no purpose. When Farrah appeared to be "troubled" on David Letterman, someone should have had the courage to realize that there was something terribly, terribly wrong...that she was dying long before cancer started to kill her. After Michael was burned during his Pepsi commercial, and soon after began extreme surgery, somebody should have realized that he became addicted to pain killers - and that he was on a downward spiral from there. Somebody, somewhere, should have been brave enough love these wonderful souls enough to help them, even if Michael or Farrah would have hated them for loving them. Either way, and again, I love you more than anyone was never brave enough to love Michael or Farrah. I am not an enabler.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Deepak Does (And Says) It Again!

"Timeless Spirit can touch you in this world of time. With a new birth of the heart, you will see a new world."

- Deepak Chopra

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

As I was walking back home from my daily morning beach workout, I came across a sprinkling fountain in front of an office building. I smiled, as it immediately reminded me of my youth, growing up in the Brown Square Park inner-city district of Rochester, New York.

Brown Square was located in the shadow of the main office of Eastman Kodak on State Street, which was only a few blocks from my loving-childhood home on Erie Street.

I recall so clearly those hot summer days swimming in the "cement pond" pool in Brown Square. This unique swimming place was essentially a large descending fountain, not more than three feet deep at it's center. It had a "stoney" bottom surface that was patched together with liquid tar. I must have scrapped my knees at least twice each time I played in that pool. But I never stopped going there - except on certain days when it was closed for repair or maintenance.

On those particular days, my friends and I would somehow find the guts to go and swim in the actual fountain that graced the front landscape of Eastman Kodak's main office building. That's right, just breaking open a fire hydrant at the corner of Erie Street and Warehouse was not enough to cool us off. We figured, if we were going to break the law on a hot summer day in a cool way, we may has well go for the gold.

So, there we'd be - in that pretty blue fountain - in front of Kodak, with all the "executives" walking by. Some were astonished at what they viewed. Some were repelled. And then others were just in plain happy awe and what they saw.

And now today, I am the one who is in awe.

After my Mom passed away, following my Dad - so many years ago, I truly thought my life was over. I resigned myself to selling a few magazine articles here and there, maybe writing another book about television, and singing at a few parties or clubs. But as far as pursuing my "dreams"? I thought they were dead.

But now, my dreams have not only come alive, they've come true.

I have awakened my child's heart, and restored my body, mind and spirit - by working-out, changing my diet, and thinking and living in only the most positive ways.

And as I flashback to the joyful past memories of my youthful fountain playtimes, I am reminded of how important it is to live in the always move forward, happily in the realization that joyful, forgiving and loving-kindness living invigorates and sustains an entirely different and yet everlasting fountain of youth - with knees unscraped and a life unscathed.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Herbie J Supports "The Big E!" By Dee Wallace & Jarrad Hewett

I highly recommend you visit and embrace the Law of Attraction Radio link, listed below.

Meanwhile, following that is an excerpt from The Big E! book ("E" standing for "Energy") by Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett.

These are awesome, awesome thoughts.



The Law of Attraction Link

Excerpt from "The Big E":

"For those of you new to quantum physics – like we were not too long ago – here are some basic scientific (AGHHH!) principals that will help you understand how energy works:The first thing we need to understand is that everything is energy – from your Aunt Clara’s cat to the cabinets in your kitchen.

That sounds kind of strange, but let’s look at it this way: all matter – including us – is made up of atoms (protons, neutrons, and electrons) which are all just varying forms of the big E: Energy.

When we can look at everything as just a part of the big E, we begin to see how connected everything is. It’s like that old song, “The knee bone’s connected to the… something bone” (I never really paid that much attention), only in this song, the thought bone is connected to the belief bone (which is connected to perception, which is connected to direction, all the way down to the manifestation). With this understanding, we have begun to look at our world a bit differently. Science is learning that what we focus on is what we create in our lives.

So, from a fat butt to a fat wallet, you can literally change energy with your focus.Now, when you feel joyful, your E is vibrating with joyful frequencies, ie you are vibrating joyfully. How cool!And it gets even better, because when you are in your joy, you love yourself – and the world – even more. Well, as you focus on this joy and love, guess what? More is created – and when you can take that experience of love and joy and focus IT towards what you want, you get it.

So, the quickest way to create what you want is to be in a high vibration (love/joy) and to consciously focus and direct the big E to manifest for you.More simply, be happy, say what you want, and go have fun!Here are the basic FUNdamental steps in creating what you want:•

Choose to get off your butt – nice butt though it is – and get what you want.Basically, this is what most of us don’t do. We have to choose to choose – so, please, choose now so we can get on with it.

Know what the heck it is you want.Most of us know what we don’t want, so choose the opposite and try that.

Keep Focused on what you want.

Eat it, drink it, sleep it, dream it… and don’t let the bed-bugs bite.

Feel good, happy, and excited. You know what gets you there; go do it!

Love yourself, and let others love you.Love conquers all. (Go love!)

Allow everything you’re asking for to come to you easily, effortlessly (did you catch that?), and joyously.

Allow others. Don’t judge. Don’t save. Don’t manipulate. Like that one guy who used to have a band said, “Let it be.”

Now, as you begin reading, you may find yourself saying, “Well, what the heck does that mean?” Look at you, you instant manifestor. Ask, and you receive!Vibrations – What you give forth, or emit, through your energy

Vibrationally – The act of giving forth vibrationsManifestation – The demonstration or materialization of somethingFocus – What you think about, dream about, want, are in fear of – anything that you “look at” consciously or unconsciouslyCreate – Anything you bring into existence/into your reality; Love/Jealousy/A New Car/A Great Mate/A Million DollarsEnergy – All that is; Everything that exists Directing Energy “The Big E” – Energy is everything.

You change energy by choosing what to do with it. Like the transformation from water to ice or steam, energy responds to your direction with no judgment.Perspective – Your view of everything in your life from the limited vantage point of your experience Polarities – Direct

Are you ready to see just how much of an amazing creator you are? You said, “Yes,” right?

Whew! (We were going to start anyway.) Let’s begin by taking a look at all of those wonderful, cool, old clich├ęs we’ve all grown up hearing, and re-examining them using a brand new understanding: Everything is energy – from here on out, known as “The Big E.”Get ready to let go and re-know what you already knew. Ya know?“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.”

This is so true… unless you’re dead. But if you’re dead, you’ve probably got better things to do than hang around here and read this book (all though, we don’t mind).No matter what you’ve done in your past, today is a fresh start. Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. How could you be? In creation, “yesterday” might as well be a past life, because you cannot create today from yesterday.

The only place in which you can create is present time – where it’s always time for a present!

Now, what so many of us do is, we re-create today based on the stories and labels we’re still holding onto. We try to define who we are and what we do. We put ourselves in little tiny boxes and file ourselves away under an infinite amount of categories and subtext.The truth is, we are beings at choice, and when we can choose to say, “I love myself” and truly move into the power of divine love, you and I will have the power to start fresh because divine love is like the ultimate toggle switch – no matter where you are in life, it allows you a clean slate.From the standpoint of

The Big E, we are releasing the story of who we are and we are creating (as opposed to re-creating) who and what we are in this very moment – which is the moment that will shape the next, and the next, etc. Here. Try this on for size: In the presence of love, I release all definitions of self and other. I lovingly embrace that all are one, and I let go of my story. Today, I AM That I AM. Today, I surrender to the moment. Today is the first day of the rest of my life! “It Must Be Nice…”

Oh c’mon. I mean, really? When most of us say this, we don’t actually mean “it must be nice” (whatever “it” is). The vibration behind this statement is more, “Okay. I’ve tried really hard, and I work all the time, and I have these great dreams, and I think I’m worth getting what I want and – Sigh – It must be nice…getting everything YOU want.Behind that vibration is the belief that either we can’t, or we won’t. Even if we can appreciate that someone else has “it,” we still feel bad and envious because we don’t.So, you see the mixed messages we’re sending out as directions to the Big E? We’re telling the Big E, “I want these things” while we’re also sending the message, ”but I’m envious and depressed because someone else has it (ergo sadness and depression become collapsed with having AND wanting).”

The Big E - which creates from our direction - just goes “…Okay.” Like a child who is told to go to their room without moving a muscle, the Big E simply can’t deliver something we want as long as we’re also holding negative or opposite vibrations.So, if we’re going to be happy for someone, let’s go all the way! Let’s invite all our vibrations to go “Yee-haw!” “Yippee – he has it” and “Whoo-hoo, I’m creating it!” There is enough awesomeness and abundance for everyone. The more yippee and yee-hawin’ we do, the more the Big E can bring us what we want.


“Look Before You Leap.”Can’t you just feel the fear? “What if it’s too steep?” “I’ve got to be sure!”“What if I fall?” “What IF I DIE?!?” Unfortunately, we have taken a sound piece of physical advice and accepted it as the life-and-death rule for everything.This contradicts a very important principle of the Big E.

Energetically, the less we fearfully focus on something - break it down, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, or try and figure out its worth - the better off we are. Sure, looking is good when you’re buying a car, but not when you are divinely inspired by an idea. Divine inspiration comes from a place that, oftentimes, our intellect just doesn’t understand. Have a little faith!When we break a divine inspiration down into what "makes sense,” we often talk ourselves out of one of the most important aspects of creation: taking action. We let that pesky little ego come in and convince us we're not safe, that we don't know what we're doing, and that what we're doing doesn't make sense.Well guess what Mr. Ego? The first airplane didn’t make sense.

The first automobile was laughed at! Heck, the pet rock made no sense – and it sold millions!So, yes; if you’re maneuvering your way across a snake-covered floor, by all means, look DOWN and watch your step.

But when it comes to inspiration, ideas, and dreams, look INSIDE, and take the plunge. Pull from that place where all possibilities exist, and walk, leap, skip, and jump your way into the greatest joy you've ever known - the joy of being a limitless you!"


Order your copy of The Big E at don't forget to join us this coming Sunday, July 5th on Law of Attraction Talk Radio!!