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Herbie J Supports "The Big E!" By Dee Wallace & Jarrad Hewett

I highly recommend you visit and embrace the Law of Attraction Radio link, listed below.

Meanwhile, following that is an excerpt from The Big E! book ("E" standing for "Energy") by Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett.

These are awesome, awesome thoughts.



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Excerpt from "The Big E":

"For those of you new to quantum physics – like we were not too long ago – here are some basic scientific (AGHHH!) principals that will help you understand how energy works:The first thing we need to understand is that everything is energy – from your Aunt Clara’s cat to the cabinets in your kitchen.

That sounds kind of strange, but let’s look at it this way: all matter – including us – is made up of atoms (protons, neutrons, and electrons) which are all just varying forms of the big E: Energy.

When we can look at everything as just a part of the big E, we begin to see how connected everything is. It’s like that old song, “The knee bone’s connected to the… something bone” (I never really paid that much attention), only in this song, the thought bone is connected to the belief bone (which is connected to perception, which is connected to direction, all the way down to the manifestation). With this understanding, we have begun to look at our world a bit differently. Science is learning that what we focus on is what we create in our lives.

So, from a fat butt to a fat wallet, you can literally change energy with your focus.Now, when you feel joyful, your E is vibrating with joyful frequencies, ie you are vibrating joyfully. How cool!And it gets even better, because when you are in your joy, you love yourself – and the world – even more. Well, as you focus on this joy and love, guess what? More is created – and when you can take that experience of love and joy and focus IT towards what you want, you get it.

So, the quickest way to create what you want is to be in a high vibration (love/joy) and to consciously focus and direct the big E to manifest for you.More simply, be happy, say what you want, and go have fun!Here are the basic FUNdamental steps in creating what you want:•

Choose to get off your butt – nice butt though it is – and get what you want.Basically, this is what most of us don’t do. We have to choose to choose – so, please, choose now so we can get on with it.

Know what the heck it is you want.Most of us know what we don’t want, so choose the opposite and try that.

Keep Focused on what you want.

Eat it, drink it, sleep it, dream it… and don’t let the bed-bugs bite.

Feel good, happy, and excited. You know what gets you there; go do it!

Love yourself, and let others love you.Love conquers all. (Go love!)

Allow everything you’re asking for to come to you easily, effortlessly (did you catch that?), and joyously.

Allow others. Don’t judge. Don’t save. Don’t manipulate. Like that one guy who used to have a band said, “Let it be.”

Now, as you begin reading, you may find yourself saying, “Well, what the heck does that mean?” Look at you, you instant manifestor. Ask, and you receive!Vibrations – What you give forth, or emit, through your energy

Vibrationally – The act of giving forth vibrationsManifestation – The demonstration or materialization of somethingFocus – What you think about, dream about, want, are in fear of – anything that you “look at” consciously or unconsciouslyCreate – Anything you bring into existence/into your reality; Love/Jealousy/A New Car/A Great Mate/A Million DollarsEnergy – All that is; Everything that exists Directing Energy “The Big E” – Energy is everything.

You change energy by choosing what to do with it. Like the transformation from water to ice or steam, energy responds to your direction with no judgment.Perspective – Your view of everything in your life from the limited vantage point of your experience Polarities – Direct

Are you ready to see just how much of an amazing creator you are? You said, “Yes,” right?

Whew! (We were going to start anyway.) Let’s begin by taking a look at all of those wonderful, cool, old clich├ęs we’ve all grown up hearing, and re-examining them using a brand new understanding: Everything is energy – from here on out, known as “The Big E.”Get ready to let go and re-know what you already knew. Ya know?“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.”

This is so true… unless you’re dead. But if you’re dead, you’ve probably got better things to do than hang around here and read this book (all though, we don’t mind).No matter what you’ve done in your past, today is a fresh start. Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. How could you be? In creation, “yesterday” might as well be a past life, because you cannot create today from yesterday.

The only place in which you can create is present time – where it’s always time for a present!

Now, what so many of us do is, we re-create today based on the stories and labels we’re still holding onto. We try to define who we are and what we do. We put ourselves in little tiny boxes and file ourselves away under an infinite amount of categories and subtext.The truth is, we are beings at choice, and when we can choose to say, “I love myself” and truly move into the power of divine love, you and I will have the power to start fresh because divine love is like the ultimate toggle switch – no matter where you are in life, it allows you a clean slate.From the standpoint of

The Big E, we are releasing the story of who we are and we are creating (as opposed to re-creating) who and what we are in this very moment – which is the moment that will shape the next, and the next, etc. Here. Try this on for size: In the presence of love, I release all definitions of self and other. I lovingly embrace that all are one, and I let go of my story. Today, I AM That I AM. Today, I surrender to the moment. Today is the first day of the rest of my life! “It Must Be Nice…”

Oh c’mon. I mean, really? When most of us say this, we don’t actually mean “it must be nice” (whatever “it” is). The vibration behind this statement is more, “Okay. I’ve tried really hard, and I work all the time, and I have these great dreams, and I think I’m worth getting what I want and – Sigh – It must be nice…getting everything YOU want.Behind that vibration is the belief that either we can’t, or we won’t. Even if we can appreciate that someone else has “it,” we still feel bad and envious because we don’t.So, you see the mixed messages we’re sending out as directions to the Big E? We’re telling the Big E, “I want these things” while we’re also sending the message, ”but I’m envious and depressed because someone else has it (ergo sadness and depression become collapsed with having AND wanting).”

The Big E - which creates from our direction - just goes “…Okay.” Like a child who is told to go to their room without moving a muscle, the Big E simply can’t deliver something we want as long as we’re also holding negative or opposite vibrations.So, if we’re going to be happy for someone, let’s go all the way! Let’s invite all our vibrations to go “Yee-haw!” “Yippee – he has it” and “Whoo-hoo, I’m creating it!” There is enough awesomeness and abundance for everyone. The more yippee and yee-hawin’ we do, the more the Big E can bring us what we want.


“Look Before You Leap.”Can’t you just feel the fear? “What if it’s too steep?” “I’ve got to be sure!”“What if I fall?” “What IF I DIE?!?” Unfortunately, we have taken a sound piece of physical advice and accepted it as the life-and-death rule for everything.This contradicts a very important principle of the Big E.

Energetically, the less we fearfully focus on something - break it down, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, or try and figure out its worth - the better off we are. Sure, looking is good when you’re buying a car, but not when you are divinely inspired by an idea. Divine inspiration comes from a place that, oftentimes, our intellect just doesn’t understand. Have a little faith!When we break a divine inspiration down into what "makes sense,” we often talk ourselves out of one of the most important aspects of creation: taking action. We let that pesky little ego come in and convince us we're not safe, that we don't know what we're doing, and that what we're doing doesn't make sense.Well guess what Mr. Ego? The first airplane didn’t make sense.

The first automobile was laughed at! Heck, the pet rock made no sense – and it sold millions!So, yes; if you’re maneuvering your way across a snake-covered floor, by all means, look DOWN and watch your step.

But when it comes to inspiration, ideas, and dreams, look INSIDE, and take the plunge. Pull from that place where all possibilities exist, and walk, leap, skip, and jump your way into the greatest joy you've ever known - the joy of being a limitless you!"


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