Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Send Each Other Flowers Now

I think it's wonderful that the Television Academy has granted Farrah an Emmy nomination for "Farrah's Story." I just wish someone would have acknowledged her - and helped to straighten her out - when she was ALIVE - after the David Letterman debacle - and way before the cancer (which might not have come had she received help in other areas years before).

Either way, let's stop giving each other flowers after we leave this world.

And let's start planting new seeds of loving-kindness with one another - every second - while we we're full of life.


MZR said...

Yeah, I always see these GORGEOUS, expensive flowers at funerals and think,"Gosh, I hope they all gave flowers like this when the person was alive!"
And a couple of times, when a family has left the flowers more than a few days on the altar, I have been allowed to pilfer an arrangement, providing gorgeous vases for my mother and m-in-law. In this way, I do my part by taking something somewhat unusable by the deceased, and brightening a life with it here and now!:)

Jeanette Wojtas said...

Well expressed! If a friend seems a bit 'down' or you feel needs some bright kind of encouragement...send those perky daisies or if you know their favorite flower. Even better if you can give them in person and spend a little time with that person.